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Fundraising Essentials

Fundraising Essentials | Course

Do you want to be valued as learner in fundraising? This course is designed to bring you up to speed, whether that is as a newbie to the sector or consolidating your fundraising knowledge. | 7 CFRE Pts

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Grant Seeking Essentials | Course

This short course is designed to help you develop an effective approach to grant-seeking and understand what New Zealand grant funders are looking for. It will also provide practical tips on how to go about structuring a grant application| Grant Seeking Essentials brought to you by Strategic Grants | 5 CFRE Pts

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Social Media Essentials: Part of the FINZ Essentials in Fundraising Courses

Social Media Essentials | Course

If you are passionate about your role and want to learn how to get the results with social media, if you want to build an online community for your organisation to impact infinitely more lives and achieve your goals - Then you are in the right place | Social Media Essentials brought to you by FINZ & Alecia Hancock | 5 CFRE Pts

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Impact, Insights & Practical Action to Help You & Your Charity Navigate the Demise of Cheques | FINZ

FREE webinar discussion about FINZ cheque advocacy for the fundraising sector. Watch for a robust analysis on the results of the second cheque survey.

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New Zealand's Willpower Thumbnail

New Zealand's Willpower | Gavin Coopey

Following the public release of New Zealand’s Willpower: Results of a study to benchmark leaving gifts in Wills to charity in New Zealand Gavin Coopey, More Strategic goes through the initial topline findings out lining what we have learned from the data. | Available as the Report, Webinar, or Both

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Card Fraud in Charities | WESTPAC

How to reduce the risk of card fraud in charities | 1 CFRE Pt

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Five Easy Pieces: Creating the Compelling Case for Support | John Greenhoe

Today's hypercompetitive market for charitable giving is more challenging than ever. Facing the daunting obstacle of information overload, how can charities stand out? Only through the creation of a compelling case for support that can be easily understood and simply communicated | 1.5 CFRE Pts

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Background image of a butterfly. Foreground image of Alan Clayton, smiling. Overlaid text reads: Great Fundraising... Sometimes You Win

Great Fundraising is Hard but Sometimes You Win | Alan Clayton

This plenary is for anyone who would like to put ‘I was a Great Fundraiser’ on their gravestone and have their eulogist explain why. | 1 CFRE Pt

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NZ's Best Kept Fundraising Secret | Jonathon Grapsas

.. well it was, but we’re going to give it away… So what on earth are Giving Days? | 1 CFRE Pt

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The Future of Leadership in Fundraising & Nonprofits | Craig Pollard, Holly Palmer, Emily Monville-Oro & Ezra Hirawani

Fundraising, the nonprofit sector, funding partnerships, power dynamics, who can lead and change the world, and what good leadership looks like, are evolving rapidly | 1.5 CFRE Pts

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A picture of Dominique with text over it. Image reads: The Language of Donor Love

The Language of Donor Love | Dominique Antarakis

How much difference can a word, a phrase, or tone of voice make when it comes to communicating with your donors and prospects? All the difference in the world. | 1 CFRE Pt.

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The Power of Plain Language at Work | Thomas McGrath

This webinar will focus on what Plain Language is, why it makes such a difference to your work, and how to use a range of techniques| 1 CFRE Pt

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USO Bike Ride: A Whanau United | Chris Te'o

This webinar focuses on community empowerment through example setting, story-telling, building and strengthening trust and relationships, and encouraging communities to be more open about issues that are preventing whanau in reaching their potential. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

What is the Certified Fund Raising Executive Certification and what can it do for me? | Ashley Gatewood

Walk through everything you need to know about the CFRE process including career benefits, application requirements, studying for the exam, and more with Stephanie Maitland & Anastasia Papadakis | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

Asking Without Anxiety: Confidence-Building Strategies for Raising Major Gifts | John Greenhoe

Many are fearful of the thought of asking for money. This is unfortunate, because asking, face to face, is by far the most efficient and effective method of raising significant financial resources for your charity. FINZ presentation veteran John Greenhoe, CFRE, will lead a virtual micro masterclass session that will ease your anxiety. | 1.5 CFRE Pts

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Bitcoin and the Future of Fundraising | Jason Shim & Anne Connelly

Bitcoin. You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it in the news, but what is it? And how can this new technology help with fundraising? | 1 CFRE Pt

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Campaigning Fundraisers can Change the World | Ken Burnett

But how should they be doing it, so they have most fun, gain most satisfaction and raise the most money? | 1.5 CFRE Pts.

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COVID-19 and YOUR Cause - Weathering the Storm | FINZ

Are you about to walk right in to one of the worst fundraising revenue crashes of your career? Join Michelle Berriman from FINZ with special guest Sean Triner of Moceanic for a discussion on how your nonprofit can weather the storm during this uncertain time.

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Do you still love Me? | Chris Downes

Today's Fundraising seems to be preoccupied with acquiring new donors and finding the next great thing. With the cost of acquisition increasing and the ability to convert these 'newcomers' to become 'real donors' being more and more difficult, the one group who should be receiving more special attention but are often neglected are... your donors. | 1 CFRE Pt

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Do you want to be a Corporate Partnerships cook or Masterchef? | Hailey Cavill-Jaspers

Winning corporate partners isn’t easy, and winging it won’t cut it in the post-pandemic recessionary corporate environment. Why wouldn’t you want to follow a proven recipe that’s forged hundreds of corporate partnerships across Australia and upskilled changemakers across Australia and New Zealand? | 1 CFRE Pt

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Forever and a Day | John Lepp and Jen Love

Explore the crucial connection between your annual fundraising program and your legacy program. | 1.5 CFRE Pts

$95.00ex GST

Fundamentals of Grant Writing | Alicia Edwards & Ruth Button

Strategic Grants presents the writing essentials for engaging your potential funders. Whether you are new to grant writing or simply need a quick refresh, this Grant Writing session will have you upskilled quickly and, on your way, to writing clear, concise and compelling applications. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

How to Raise Awareness and Drive Donations Using Social Media | Julia Campbell

Examine how nonprofit social media marketing will need to adapt to the realities of our distracted, digital world, and how charities of all sizes can continue to attract new supporters, raise awareness for their cause, and drive donations. | 1.5 CFRE Pts

$95.00ex GST

How to Succeed on Social Media | Alecia Hancock

Covering the three pillars of social media, your WHERE, WHO, and WHAT. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

Low Budget, Big Impact Fundraising for Small and Medium Nonprofits | Celeste Harrison

In this webinar, Celeste Harrison from Blackbaud is going to show you the step-by-step guide to starting from scratch with fundraising online, with a shoestring budget and small team.

$70.00ex GST

Modern Corporate Partnerships | Craig Pollard

A fresh perspective on fundraising from companies and tactics that will help you find and build high value corporate partnerships, with examples of brilliant practice in this space. | 1.5 CFRE Pts

$95.00ex GST

Strategy 101: Strategic Planning for Purpose | Alicia McKay

Alicia McKay is New Zealand's leading expert in strategy and change. In this session, she shares some tips and tricks for nailing your strategic planning. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

The Art of Conversation: The Science Behind Regular Giving Acquisition | Fi McPhee & Karina Rottinger

Have you ever wondered how the best ‘fundraisers in the field’ directly speak to the public to engage and inspire them to get behind a cause? Many of us, as fundraisers, could learn a lot from the mass market approach taken in Regular Giving acquisition. | 1 CFRE Pt.

$70.00ex GST

The Great Fundraising Festival Part 1 | FINZ Filmed

Great Fundraising campaigns rely on great creative work. But creative doesn’t raise money alone; it is just the tip of the iceberg. In these fast-paced session, you’ll learn from some of the best fundraising campaigns from around the world. Including: How one creative relaunched a new surge in fundraising – RNLI Lifeboats, UK | Overcoming internal conflict about fundraising to meet donor’s needs – Børns Vilkår, DK Changing the culture of an organisation because ‘good enough’ is not ‘good enough’ – Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria, AU

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The Great Fundraising Festival Part 2 | FINZ Filmed

During this seminar the Philanthropy & Fundraising International team will share the thinking behind successful creative giving you both the inspiration and ideas to take back to your own organisation. Including: Creating focus and energy internally, Guts UK | Building an engaging fundraising-led brand - Children’s Hospices Across Scotland – CHAS, UK | Nailing the fundraising problem without compromise, Lutheran World Relief, US

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FIA Webinar presented by Abby Clemence

14 Paths to Corporate Fundraising Excellence | FIA

Designed by Abby Clemence to provide participants with an outline of the potential ways that their charity can collaborate with the corporate sector more deeply. | FIA

$25.00ex GST

A Guide to Successful Telefundraising through Covid-19 | Jude Lyon

FINZ Education OnDemand brings you Jude Lyon's practical examples of successful campaigns during Covid-19. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

Donor Centric Support Services Webinar

Building Donor Centric Support Services | FIA

Valuing your donors is not just about the relationships you build, but about the systems you have in place to support them. | FIA

$25.00ex GST

Building Your Major Gifts Portfolio in Any Size Fundraising Shop! | Robin L. Cabral

Robin provides the in-demand skills needed by fundraisers in all fundraising shops and will lead you step-by-step through creating a successful major gift program no matter the size of your fundraising shop. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

Communication and Recognition During Social Distancing | Lynne Wester

In a new virtual environment, join us as we explore non-asking, non-event engagement ideas together. Explore concrete examples of what works during COVID-19 times. | 1.5 CFRE Pts

$70.00ex GST

FIA Webinar - Stuart Finlayson, Lisa Grinham

Digital Disruption, Corporate Giving | FIA

Innovation and creativity in the digital space are on the forefront of corporate donations. | Stuart Finlayson & Lisa Grinham | FIA

$25.00ex GST

FIA Webinar - Digital Bequests, Laura Henschke

Digital Techniques to Grow Bequests | FIA

Laura Henschke explains the vital digital component of creating a bequest program. | FIA

$25.00ex GST

Educational Fundraising within Schools and Universities | Execucare

Execucare gathered three exceptional Panelists to speak on the Education sector. Join Sarah Woodhams, Holly Palmer, Tony Bretherton, and Shelagh Murray for an in-depth discussion on fundraising in education. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

Email Automation: Save Time & Raise Money | Blackbaud / everydayhero

Join Celeste Harrison for a robust discussion on email automation.

$30.00ex GST

Ethics Module

Self-regulation is guided by the FINZ Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. All members, individuals and organisations, must comply with the Code and implicitly agree to do so as part of their annual membership renewal.

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Kerren Morris FIA Webinar

Financial Dynamics of Regular Giving | FIA

Is your regular giving program delivering an acceptable return on investment? And what is ‘acceptable’ anyway? | Kerren Morris | FIA

$25.00ex GST

Fundraising Performance Reporting | Clare Bridle

AskRIGHT's Clare Bridle explores fundraising performance reporting for management and governance. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

Get good with change. Your introduction to futures thinking | Michelle Jennings

This simple, effective, and entertaining workshop will help you to not only grapple with change and disruption but use it to develop fresh strategies and create opportunities to innovate. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

Major Gifts Webinar, Nick Jaffer

Getting to Yes: Preparing and Asking for Major Gifts | FIA

Asking for Major Gifts is not always a smooth sailing operation. In this session, Nick Jaffer guides you to get the YES from your donors. | FIA

$25.00ex GST

How to Build Trust with Potential Sponsors | Abby Clemence

How to put money in your mission, and purpose in your partnerships | TBC CFRE Pts

$45.00ex GST

How to drive better EDM results | Andrew Sabatino

Andrew Sabatino will outline how any charity can instantly improve their EDM results. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

New Year, New You: Donor Relations 101 | Lynne Wester

Research shows that it is 7 times more expensive to acquire a new donor than to keep the one you have. The solution is simple: put the donor first, consume yourself with the DX, their experience, not yours. | FINZ

$45.00ex GST

Resilience | International Women's Day 2021 | FINZ

FINZ Executive Director Michelle Berriman joins Stephen George and a panel of incredible women in Fundraising for a session on Resilience.

$0.00ex GST

Retaining & Growing Your Regular Givers | Fi McPhee

What makes regular giving programs flourish? | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST

What does evidence-based research tell us about how to motivate donors? | Leo Orland

Leo explains scientific based research into what motivates donors to give and how these findings can be applied in the real-world fundraising environment. | 1 CFRE Pt

$70.00ex GST