One of FINZ's main concerns is Advocacy for the Fundraising sector - Advocating the value of fundraising to society and government in order to empower fundraisers in their work in and with communities.



FINZ has made a submission to the Social Services and Community Select Committee in response to the Charities Amendment Bill which is progressing through consultation ahead of its Second Reading. FINZ strongly opposes this Bill and calls for the passage of the Bill to be halted, pending an independent first-principles review, an opinion echoed by others including The New Zealand Law Society. We encourage you to read our submission which can be found here. If you have any questions or comments, we would welcome them by emailing

Read the submission here


FINZ hasd been proud to provide the fundraising sector a voice as New Zealand banks end cheques - ensuring there is due process and our charities do not miss donations. Keep posted for a final wrap up of what we learned in the New Year.



During COVID-19, FINZ made sure there was a space for fundraisers to go to understand what was happening in New Zealand and changing in the sector due to a global pandemic.


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