The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand and its members abide by ethical fundraising practices.

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The FINZ Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct have needed a review for some time. The revised changes, that were adopted at the FINZ AGM in May 2022 represents key changes. 

There are two main distinctions between the previous version and the new adopted codes:

  1. The approach has been taken that 'ethics' are behaviours that apply to everyone. The three specific stakeholder groups to whom these predominantly apply are:
     - Those raising the money (Fundraising personnel)
     - Those receiving and utilising the funds raised (recipient organisations)
     - Those contributing the funds (donors and grantors).
  2. These changes have therefore been created without reference to any one group. They are couched in terms of "This is ethical ... this is not" type language. The Codes of Professional Conduct have traditionally been prefaced with "The Fundraiser shall/shall not" which implies individual Member behaviours. With FINZ membership being broader these days, this section has been upgraded to "Members shall/shall not". 

FINZ is proud to lead the way in adopting relevant changes to Ethical behaviours that extend beyond the traditional expectations of fundraisers only. 

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