Fundraising Institute of New Zealand Membership


FINZ is the professional membership body that represents fundraising in New Zealand.


For the benefit of all New Zealanders, we are committed to fundraising excellence. We want to ensure that worthy causes are well supported and that the generosity of New Zealanders is recognisedand encouraged.


FINZ Vision - Our aspiration for the future:

Everyone in Aotearoa New Zealand is empowered and inspired to give
generously and confidently to causes they care about.

FINZ Mission - How we work towards our vision:

To inspire, create and strengthen confidence in giving and generosity across
Aotearoa New Zealand that leads to positive impact.



What this looks like for our members:

  • Ensuring ethical fundraising
    FINZ members abide by ethical fundraising practices. In May 2022 we adopted our new Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. They dictate comprehensive standards of practice to enhance the integrity and professionalism of fundraisers, recipients and donors. Members of FINZ can proudly communicate to their donors that they are a part of New Zealand's premier professional and ethical fundraising body.
  • Professional Development
    Ongoing education will help you become a master of your craft, polish your fundraising skills and increase your charities income. FINZ offers members access to a wide range of knowledge enhancing workshops both in person and online, seminars, conferences and self directed online courses - often at significantly discounted rates. FINZ also has a wealth of research material and industry information that members can access.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Deepen existing relationships and forge new ones with other fundraising professionals from around the country and overseas. Share best practice ideas and learn from each other's experiences. FINZ is an excellent vehicle through which fundraisers can build great working relationships.
  • Mentoring
    Take advantage of up to 8 formal coaching or mentoring sessions arranged through FINZ. Learn from experienced fundraisers, let them share their insights, solutions, and support and guide you through any challenges you might be facing.
  • Discounted Services
    Membership of FINZ offers a wide variety of discounts from training partners, printing specialists, fundraising tools and much more.
  • Be your voice
    As one of the lead voices for effective fundraising and philanthropy in New Zealand, FINZ will advocate on behalf of our members to ensure the value of fundraising continues to be recognised and that public policy provides an exemplary environment in which to work.


Membership Types

All organisational membership bands are calculated on annual fundraising income and are pro rata from June each year. Please email for pro rata fees.

Membership Type About Prices shown are in NZD and are GST exclusive
Individual    $265.00
Fellow You must have an Individual Membership $265.00
Brand Collective Membership for Umbrella Organisations please contact
Band 1 Total Fundraising Revenue above $30 million $1,775.00
Band 2 Total Fundraising Revenue above $20 million $1,675.00
Band 3 Total Fundraising Revenue above $10 million $1,575.00
Band 4 Total Fundraising Revenue above $6 million $1,260.00
Band 5 Total Fundraising Revenue above $2 million $945.00
Band 6 Total Fundraising Revenue $1m - $2m $630.00                                                                                                    
Band 7 Total Fundraising Revenue under $1 million $395.00
Band 8 Total Fundraising Revenue under $125k $250.00
Micro Total Fundraising Revenue under $50k $50.00
Free Free Membership 2020-2023* please contact
Suppliers (NZ) Includes listing in Supplier Directory $600.00
Suppliers (Overseas) Includes listing in Supplier Directory $995.00

*FINZ has created this membership band to support Charities as they navigate from a cheque-based operation to digital platforms and processes. Our successful funding application from Lotteries allowed FINZ to administer and accept requests for a free membership, predominantly to access the cheque use portal. These requests are at the discretion of the FINZ team.

"FINZ membership allows my team and I to access training and information vital to help us stay on top of the latest market trends and inspirational fundraising ideas.  But more importantly, it keeps us linked with our fellow fundraisers across the country, building networks for when we need to simply ask a question that only other keen fundraising brains will know how to answer or we are looking for some support from our peers in what can be a rewarding but tough industry to work in.  The last couple of conferences have been a particular highlight for me personally, finding support and kindness as I was traversing some complex work challenges, whilst being blown away by some of the inspirational fundraisers from New Zealand and across the world." - Laura Golland, Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

"I feel like connecting with FINZ is really what propelled me into my fundraising career. Finding out there was a whole industry of fundraising champions out there, being able to connect and learn together – that’s why I love FINZ!" - Isobell Tregoworth, Parenting Place

"We’re members of FINZ because it’s a vital network of people and information for us to be tapped into. There’s simply no better way to connect to the fundraisers of Aotearoa and beyond. As the manager of a fundraising team, it gives me the assurance that my team has access to most relevant educational opportunities to their roles and to our market." - Christina Hoey, Save the Children

"I have been a member of FINZ for around 23 years and it has been a wonderful and valuable relationship for me. When I first started out in fundraising, I knew nothing about professional fundraising, but I was lucky and went to my first fundraising conference at the end of the 1990’s and there my learning journey began. I have been learning about fundraising and making wonderful friends with my fellow fundraisers ever since, all thanks to FINZ!" - Dominique Leeming

"FINZ’s work is crucial for a thriving for-purpose sector, providing thought leadership and access to quality fundraising education.  Community Foundations of NZ sees it as important to support the growth of professional fundraising practices and ethics across the for-purpose sector and we are very proud to be FINZ members." - Eleanor Cater, Community Foundations

"As a consultant I value my membership with FINZ to inspire, inform and keep me involved in the sector and networking with other industry professionals. I appreciate the learning and education, exclusive resources, growth and development FINZ offers for personal and professional development. This year’s Conference was incredibly worthwhile for connections, conversations and collaboration. (on brief, on budget and on the ball) My FINZ membership strengthens and expands my knowledge, skills and practice and that equips me to offer more in mentoring and to my clients." - Jenny Caston, Willpower

More reasons to join the FINZ whanau


Here is a quick insight into what we currently have on offer, and what is in the pipeline for this year (dates subject to change): 


Professional Development

  • Fundraising Essentials course
  • Virtual Monthly learning lunches
  • FINZ Magazine 
  • 8 hours of free mentoring from a high experienced and knowledgeable fundraiser 
  • Education on demand (Webinar shop) 
  • FINZ Conference Reflection 2022 – The IMPACT of YOU


  • Affirmation that you are an ethical and best practice fundraiser
  • Online Ethics education micro module 


  • Being your voice - collaboration and advocacy as one voice on serious issues that impact the sector, such as the demise of cheques, changes to the Charities act and much more.
  • Up to date information and links to help you and your organisation after the challenges of COVID-19.


  • FINZ Fundraising Excellence Awards 2023. 
  • Virtual Networking opportunities
  • Discounted services
  • Christmas party!


For all membership inquiries please email

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