What is the Certified Fund Raising Executive Certification and what can it do for me? | Ashley Gatewood

Becoming a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) demonstrates your mastery of ethical, best-practice fundraising principles and commitment to working to the highest standards. Join Ashley and Aotearoa CFRE-Alumni Stephanie Maitland and Anastasia Papadakis for this one-hour webinar.

Learn how becoming a CFRE strengthens your work and solidifies your fundraising knowledge so you can help lead your team to new heights.  

There are two steps to becoming a CFRE: An application and an exam that covers six core knowledge domains (current and prospective donor research; securing the gift; relationship building; volunteer involvement; leadership and management; and ethics, accountability and professionalism).

CFRE International’s Communications and Marketing Director Ashley Gatewood will lead this webinar. She’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the CFRE process including career benefits, application requirements, studying for the exam, and more. Stephanie Maitland, FFINZ, CFRE, will share her CFRE experience. Anastasia Papadakis, the newest Kiwi fundraiser to go CFRE will be speaking about her experience.

About the Speaker:

Ashley Gatewood
Communications and Marketing Director
CFRE International

Based in Baltimore, in the U.S., Ashley has been with CFRE International since January 2018. Previously, she was the events and marketing manager at FINZ. Her husband is from Dunedin and she gravely misses Whittaker’s Chocolate.


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