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FIA Webinar presented by Abby Clemence

14 Paths to Corporate Fundraising Excellence | FIA

Designed by Abby Clemence to provide participants with an outline of the potential ways that their charity can collaborate with the corporate sector more deeply. | FIA

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2017 July Webinar - FIA Awards 2018: How to write an award winning submission

Award Winning Submissions | FIA

Allan Godfrey, Vicki Rasmussen, and Ashlie Marshall take you through the how and why of an exceptional award winning submission. | FIA

$25.00ex GST

Donor Centric Support Services Webinar

Building Donor Centric Support Services | FIA

Valuing your donors is not just about the relationships you build, but about the systems you have in place to support them. | FIA

$25.00ex GST

Creating Unity in a Divisive World | FROFringe21

A panel discussion on the topic of: Creating Unity in a Divisive World - How do we build movements and raise money in a world of fake news and increasing polarisation. | From FIA and FINZ

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FIA Webinar - Stuart Finlayson, Lisa Grinham

Digital Disruption, Corporate Giving | FIA

Innovation and creativity in the digital space are on the forefront of corporate donations. | Stuart Finlayson & Lisa Grinham | FIA

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FIA Webinar - Digital Bequests, Laura Henschke

Digital Techniques to Grow Bequests | FIA

Laura Henschke explains the vital digital component of creating a bequest program. | FIA

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Kerren Morris FIA Webinar

Financial Dynamics of Regular Giving | FIA

Is your regular giving program delivering an acceptable return on investment? And what is ‘acceptable’ anyway? | Kerren Morris | FIA

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Major Gifts Webinar, Nick Jaffer

Getting to Yes: Preparing and Asking for Major Gifts | FIA

Asking for Major Gifts is not always a smooth sailing operation. In this session, Nick Jaffer guides you to get the YES from your donors. | FIA

$25.00ex GST