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Impact, Insights & Practical Action to Help You & Your Charity Navigate the Demise of Cheques | FINZ

FREE webinar discussion about FINZ cheque advocacy for the fundraising sector. Watch for a robust analysis on the results of the second cheque survey.

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New Zealand's Willpower | Gavin Coopey

Following the public release of New Zealand’s Willpower: Results of a study to benchmark leaving gifts in Wills to charity in New Zealand Gavin Coopey, More Strategic goes through the initial topline findings out lining what we have learned from the data. | Available as the Report, Webinar, or Both

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Card Fraud in Charities | WESTPAC

How to reduce the risk of card fraud in charities | 1 CFRE Pt

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Great Fundraising is Hard but Sometimes You Win | Alan Clayton

This plenary is for anyone who would like to put ‘I was a Great Fundraiser’ on their gravestone and have their eulogist explain why. | 1 CFRE Pt

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COVID-19 and YOUR Cause - Weathering the Storm | FINZ

Are you about to walk right in to one of the worst fundraising revenue crashes of your career? Join Michelle Berriman from FINZ with special guest Sean Triner of Moceanic for a discussion on how your nonprofit can weather the storm during this uncertain time.

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Are you Ready for Running Season? | Blackbaud / everydayhero

Speakers David Peterson & Adelaide Ponce de Leon ask if you're ready for Running Season | Blackbaud / everydayhero

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Creating Unity in a Divisive World | FROFringe21

A panel discussion on the topic of: Creating Unity in a Divisive World - How do we build movements and raise money in a world of fake news and increasing polarisation. | From FIA and FINZ

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Email Automation: Save Time & Raise Money | Blackbaud / everydayhero

Join Celeste Harrison for a robust discussion on email automation.

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How to Build a Strong DIY Strategy | Blackbaud / everydayhero

Speakers Ben Hough and Rob Adams discuss the best ways to build your DIY strategy. | Blackbaud / everydayhero

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How to Build Trust with Potential Sponsors | Abby Clemence

How to put money in your mission, and purpose in your partnerships | TBC CFRE Pts

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New Year, New You: Donor Relations 101 | Lynne Wester

Research shows that it is 7 times more expensive to acquire a new donor than to keep the one you have. The solution is simple: put the donor first, consume yourself with the DX, their experience, not yours. | FINZ

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Resilience | International Women's Day 2021 | FINZ

FINZ Executive Director Michelle Berriman joins Stephen George and a panel of incredible women in Fundraising for a session on Resilience.

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