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Great Fundraising is Hard but Sometimes You Win | Alan Clayton

This plenary is for anyone who would like to put ‘I was a Great Fundraiser’ on their gravestone and have their eulogist explain why. 

PFI’s research over the last decade has shown the key behaviours that fundraisers can implement to trigger large scale and consistent growth. These behaviours are consistent across causes, sizes of organisation and geographies. Alan will explain what these behaviours are, how you can implement them and most importantly… how you can change the world by sticking to them for long enough. It features evidence, anecdotes and a few choice take away self-memes. It will be simple. But not easy. 

About the Speaker:

Philanthropy & Fundraising International

Simply put, Alan delivers the focus and energy that clients need to transform fundraising growth for their organisations. With 25 years as an international speaker, seminar leader, creative director and consultant in fundraising, Alan has a world-class reputation for fundraising transformation. Having started his career in UK charities, he ran a London based agency for ten years before committing the next decade to developing a global programme in ‘Great Fundraising Organisations.’ Alan has worked with over 350 clients in more than 30 countries.

From the 2022 FINZ Conference, Closing Plenary. Supplied to FINZ by Alan Clayton.


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