FINZ Fellows

The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand has 14 active Fellows. Becoming a Fellow is a rare distinction and shows that the individual has a deep commitment to both the Institute and fundraising. It is the highest honour the Institute can bestow on a Member.

Becoming a FINZ Fellow may be conferred on a Member who: “has for not less than 10 years rendered distinguished service to FINZ or the fundraising profession”.


If you are considering submitting a nomination, please note the following before you start:


  1. Anyone can recommend that a Member be considered for being approved as a Fellow of the Institute but the formal nomination document can only be signed by a minimum of 2 current FINZ members.
      * those current Members proposing the nomination should not be employees of the same organisation.
  2. Self-nomination for Fellow appointment is not permitted.
  3. Non-Members and former Members are not eligible for nomination or appointment.
  4. If you are considering nominating a Member to be considered for appointment as a Fellow, please be aware that the nomination, consideration and approvals processes are confidential. Please do not make the nominee aware of your intentions or actions in recommending or nominating a Member.
  5. Nominations for Fellows are received on-line no later than two months prior to the Institute’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Nominations are then forwarded to a committee of current Fellows who will have the opportunity to make a considered recommendation to the Board.
  6. Proposers of the formal nomination may be contacted confidentially from one of the current Fellows to discuss the nomination and potentially seek clarification or further input for current Fellows to consider as they make their recommendations to the FINZ Board.
  7. Current members of the FINZ Board are not eligible for nomination.
  8. The Board will consider all available information and make the final decision on conferment of a Fellowship or otherwise.
  9. If the Board endorses a nomination, the nominee will be confidentially contacted, informed of the intention and asked to confirm their acceptance of appointment at this time, or not.
  10.  A condition of accepting, and retaining, appointment as a Fellow is that the individual’s annual membership subscription must remain current. This can be paid either by an employer or individually.
  11. Approved appointments are announced at the Awards Ceremony at the next FINZ Conference.

  12. Where there is an unexpected delay in announcing the appointments, successful nominees may be granted approval to utilise the post-nominal FFINZ at the discretion of current Fellows.


Meet the Fellows

Carol Painter    
Clive Pedley Fi McPhee Rebecca Scelly
Dianne Armstrong James Mutch Stephanie Maitland
Dominique Leeming Jim Datson Heather Newell
  Kate Russell  







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