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New Year, New You: Donor Relations 101 | Lynne Wester

Put yourself in the donor's shoes. They don't want another lapel pin or bumper sticker. They want to know they make a difference to your institution and they are valued. Research shows that it is 7 times more expensive to acquire a new donor than to keep the one you have. The solution is simple: put the donor first, consume yourself with the DX, their experience, not yours.

Lynne will walk you through the four pillars of donor relations, outlining what you could have, should have and MUST have in each area to ensure your programme is superior and effective.

This session will help you fill in any holes you might have in your programme, and give you some ideas on how to enhance what you already have. A great companion to the book The Four Pillars of Donor Relations.

About the Speaker:


Lynne Wester strongly believes that donor relations is the key to unlocking fundraising success and that organisations must be as dedicated to the donor experience, or DX, as they are to the ask itself. Sometimes referred to as the Olivia Pope of fundraising, Lynne helps organizations when they need it the most - when crisis or opportunity arrive.



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