The Art of Conversation: The Science Behind Regular Giving Acquisition | Fi McPhee & Karina Rottinger

Have you ever wondered how the best ‘fundraisers in the field’ directly speak to the public to engage and inspire them to get behind a cause? Many of us, as fundraisers, could learn a lot from the mass market approach taken in Regular Giving acquisition. | 1 CFRE Pt.


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Have you ever wondered how the best ‘fundraisers in the field’ directly speak to the public to engage and inspire them to get behind a cause? Many of us, as fundraisers, could learn a lot from the mass market approach taken in Regular Giving acquisition. The special sauce ingredient is actually in the ability to bottle up and replicate ‘Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)’. C-IQ gives us the power to influence our neurochemistry and the neurochemistry of those we converse with, even in the moment. Explore the power of conversations in regulating how our donor's feel every day, and the role language plays in the brain’s capacity to expand perspectives and create a certain experience, and learn how this can help you as a fundraiser to better shape our world in profound and healthier ways.  

Join Karina Rottinger from Public Outreach and Fiona McPhee in a conversation as they explore the art of fundraising conversations from a relationship theory and conversation science angle. They will unpack the thinking and experience behind it; how it can translate into actual results for your fundraising at meaningful scale; as well as how you can use it can create a sustainable foundation for high donor retention.

In the 1-hour video, Karina and Fi will be covering and sharing their experience on the following:

  • How to manage and work alongside your phone program effectively and in context.
  • How to look for, manage and observe good calling to get the outcomes you need.
  • If you don't use Telefundraising currently, this talk will help you build a business case for it at your organisation and/or work out if this style of fundraising is for you.  
  • Really great information on how real-life conversations work. Outside of Regular Giving, there are lots of tips and tricks here that fundraisers will find incredibly useful in their own communications, particularly if they have to manage and liaise with stakeholders

About the Speakers:

Karina Rottinger  

Karina Rottinger has 8 years of experience working in and around the non-for-profit sector in Australia and overseas. The combination of marketing, administration and humanitarian work in her background has given her a practical outlook into creating and implementing new ideas. Spending the past 5 years as the Head of Client Services at Public Outreach, she has spent her time diversifying the fundraising services that can be offered to the charity sector and helped transform fundraising programs across more than 30 different charities in Australia and New Zealand.

She is passionate about implementing new strategies to make Fundraising more sustainable and ethical. Karina has shown that being a 'passionate communicator' can transform the fundraising and donor experience, and has worked across F2F fundraising, both inbound and outbound call centre environments, as well as coordinating a program in Sydney for the last 6 years that offers ESL and communication services for Sudanese-Australian refugee families. Karina is also a Supplier Board Member of the PFRA Australia since 2019.

Fiona McPhee         

Fi (Fiona) McPhee loves fundraising. She’s been at it for 20 years and is still smiling.

Fi is a coach, consultant & trainer to fundraisers and not-for-profit leaders. She works with fundraisers to help them build sustainable fundraising programs and with bosses and boards to seek the right insight to best manager and govern fundraising within their organisations. Fi brings to the party her love of data - having lead Australia & New Zealand’s largest fundraising benchmarking and analytics program for over a decade Fi’s insight into fundraising performance and how donors behave is unparalleled.

As a speaker and trainer Fi draws on best practice methodologies as well as her experience and insights from her time working with hundreds of charities from across New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and North America.

In addition to her day job Fi is a Mum, average skier, amateur hiker, serves on two not-for-profit boards and is the Resource Alliance Australia & New Zealand ambassador.

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