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MIKA is helping not-for-profit organisations maximise their fundraising efforts by providing a cost-effective, accessible payment solution.

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MIKA is a New Zealand company designed to serve Charities, Communities and not-for-profit Organisations. 


MIKA GivingApp transforms your smartphone into a contactless card machine to accept donations, whilst delivering the same security standards as traditional payment terminals. 


The scale of the technology is huge, enabling endless collectors nationwide to gather donations anywhere, at any given moment. MIKA supports simultaneous use by 1 to 1 million+ collectors. So whether you’re a thousand-strong organisation or local community group, Mika can make your fundraising campaigns a breeze.


We customise the app with your logo, allowing you to design a donation experience that aligns perfectly with your charity's identity. As well as creating an automated receipt, so once the payment is processed you can send an instant receipt to the donor via email.

The dashboard and reporting system also gives you full campaign insights to nail your fundraising game!

The charities we are working with have experienced up to an 800% increase in donations since adopting our technology. It's heartwarming to see the positive change that MIKA is bringing to the world of charitable giving.