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As an introduction to the fundraising sector, this course could not be better. It is designed to bring you up to speed, whether that is as a newbie to the sector or consolidating your fundraising knowledge. As a learner, you are valued. 

This is a great learning opportunity for new staff in your fundraising team and could ideally be a something everyone completes to ensure everyone is working from the same foundation on knowledge.

Consisting of five modules, which includes a few exercises at the end of some modules, it is deigned to be completed in approximately 5 hours. 1 hour per module. No other resources are required to answer the questions however the learner is invited to write down examples and explanations to questions relating directly to their organisation to give the learner a  thorough understanding of their organisations fundraising history, current position and potential. Fundraising Essentials will also be a pre-requisite for the Certificate in Fundraising qualification.



This course is essential to then take NZCIF.

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