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Together with our donors, we love and walk the recovery journey with women and children in Cambodia and Vietnam who have survived slavery, trafficking and/or other forms of severe abuse

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At Hagar we are committed to the whole journey. The whole journey starts with a survivor, an individual who has experienced severe trauma as a result of slavery, trafficking, or abuse. From the moment that traumatised and hurting individual enters our care, we work with them to assess what their needs are, and offer a full range of intensive and individualised services. We rebuild trust and show love and care.
We can provide a safe place to live, counselling, case management services, legal support, education, and safe, empowering jobs. We create opportunities to ensure that the individual is not simply surviving, but thriving. The whole journey encapsulates each step taken by a survivor toward healing and overcoming their trauma. Our goal is for each individual that we work with to overcome the trauma of their experiences and to enter seasons in life where they are not just thriving but are also serving as leaders and advocates in their communities.