FINZ Cheque Advocacy: ANZ Responds to Request for Support

  • 23 November 2021

Making a donation with cash in a branch:

  • Our staff will always assist our customers in making deposits as well as helping them to discover other ways of making deposits and donating money (besides over the counter). These will include self-service options like online payments and using our 0800 phone banking service.
  • Our branches will accept cash deposits into ANZ accounts and directly into charities’ accounts if the charity banks with ANZ.
  • If the charity is not an ANZ customer, our branch staff can assist the customer/donor to deposit cash into their ANZ bank account and then help them make a payment to the charity via other channels.
  • It is always helpful if our customers have the bank account details of the charity they’re wishing to donate to.
  • NB: please note that customers wishing to make cash transactions in our branches (to make a donation or a payment or a deposit) will typically need to provide identification. This is to comply with regulatory requirements.

Setting up an automatic payment online and establishing a direct debit authority (both are free):

  • It’s free for a customer to set up an automatic payment online. (See instructions for our banking app below.)
  • It’s also free for a customer to set up a direct debit with a charity (ie, when a donor completes a charity’s direct debit authority which the charity then forwards to their bank).

Ensuring all charities are pre-populated in banks’ “payee” field:

  • Any charity who banks with ANZ can become a registered payee so their details pre-populate on our internet banking site and in our goMoney app.
  • Please feel free to advise your members about this. They just need to complete the attached form and email it to (NB: if a charity is not an ANZ customer, they will need to complete a similar registration form with their own bank.)

How do I set up an automatic payment in ANZ goMoney?

Follow the steps below to set up an automatic payment in ANZ goMoney:

  1. Log into goMoney
  2. Navigate to Payments > Pay a Person or a Bill
  3. Choose a recipient from your list of payees or tap Tap to create new or search and search for a registered company or pay someone new by entering the recipient account name and details as appropriate.
       - If the company is not in our list of registered companies, you will have to get the account number and information required on the company's statement from the company themselves - always double check when entering an account number
  4. Enter the payment amount, date, and statement details
  5. Select the frequency for the payment
  6. Select whether you wish to repeat the payment indefinitely or until a specific date
  7. Tap Pay
  8. Confirm the details and tap Confirm.

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