Everydayhero New Donation Form

  • 28 July 2017

Australia and New Zealand’s leading peer-to-peer fundraising platform Everydayhero has released a new and improved donation form, designed to provide a better experience to donors and help non-profit organisations raise more for their cause.

The donation experience is the most important and frequent interaction people have with the Everydayhero platform. This is why the new donation form primarily aims to greatly improve the donor experience, so that Everydayhero’s non-profit partners receive funds quicker and with less friction. Everydayhero’s Head of Products, Anthony Frew, explains:

“Busy donors want to support their friends before an interruption happens. They want to do this anywhere, anytime - from whatever device is in their hand. We’d all like donating to charity to be a distraction-free activity, but it isn't. The Everydayhero engineering teams faced the reality that donors will get interrupted. Even despite the best intentions to support the causes they care about, life happens.”

“While we can’t avoid life’s distractions we can make the donation experience faster and simpler. Our hypothesis was - When it’s quicker to donate, there’s a smaller likelihood of interruption. When it feels like there’s less to do, it’s easier to stay on task.”

Mr. Frew says the research, design and development philosophy behind Everydayhero’s new donation is customer-centric in its approach to ensure a positive user experience.

“We achieved 10 percent higher completion rates through streamlining the form. This removed the anxieties and mental roadblocks donors feel when donating by breaking the donation form into smaller, easier steps.”

“Our new donation form confirms our place as a leader in the global peer-to-peer landscape. Savvy non-profits seek out partners who understand the importance of positive user experiences. We're proud to continue to be their first choice to help them find new donors."

The new donation form has now been rolled out to all Everydayhero New Zealand partners and their donors.

What to know more? check out these videos:

Video #1 - https://vimeo.com/223065967

Video #2 - https://vimeo.com/223066805

Video #3 - https://vimeo.com/223066202

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