Strategy 101: Strategic Planning for Purpose | Alicia McKay

Alicia McKay is New Zealand's leading expert in strategy and change. In this session, she shares some tips and tricks for nailing your strategic planning. | 1 CFRE Pt


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How do you set meaningful direction for yourself, your team, and the people you serve when you’re stuck in a funding and accountability loop?

How do you keep an eye on the long game, when you’re subject to short term contracts and the whims of politicians and benefactors?

Strategic planning is tricky stuff on a good day. For purpose-led organisations it’s another ball game entirely.

Join Alicia McKay as she draws on her work with the for-purpose sector to provide some guidance on strategic planning that doesn't suck.

About the Speaker:

Alicia McKay
Alicia McKay is New Zealand's straight-talking strategist, helping people, teams and leaders to make sense, make decisions and create change.

Ambitious, value-driven leaders across government, business and non-profit call on Alicia when they need to think big, make hard decisions, and transform their teams, organisations and communities.

Co-host of “Whats On Your Mind?” podcast, prolific blogger, and author of two books - 'From Strategy to Action: A Guide to Getting Shit Done in The Public Sector' and 'You Don't Need an MBA: Leadership Lessons to Cut through the Crap' (Major St Publishing, May 2021) Alicia brings fresh thinking and sharp insight to audiences across the globe.

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