Retaining & Growing Your Regular Givers | Fi McPhee

What makes regular giving programs flourish? | 1 CFRE Pt


$70.00ex GST

Fi will explore the nine elements that will help you retain and grow your regular givers using examples, case studies and insight to help you identify where you can make changes to ensure your regular giving program flourishes.

This session is for fundraisers with a regular giving program in place or those looking to start a program and wanting to explore what they should consider beyond their acquisition strategy.

About the Speaker:

Fi McPhee

With 20 years’ experience in fundraising Fiona is an individual giving specialist working with fundraisers globally, helping them to devise and implement ways to improve the value of the relationships built with donors.

From her time managing a supporter services team, through implementing acquisition and retention programs, to spearheading the largest charity benchmarking program in Australasia and heading strategy development in a specialist fundraising agency, Fi has been all about turning charity objectives into insights-driven communications programmes.

Supporters, strategy and results are her thing. What Fiona enjoys the most is developing fundraising programs across channels and fundraising specialities. The silo is out, integration is in and donors are at the heart of every approach.

Most recently Fiona has been working at a senior strategic levels developing strategic fundraising plans, conducting fundraising audits and developing new fundraising products.

With a passion for monthly giving (she started her fundraising career with WWF-Australia launching their monthly giving program) she has worked with over twenty different organisation to drive real (and fast) growth from monthly giving.

A session with Fiona results in new ideas, practical solutions and energy to implement. Fiona is an engaging and energetic communicator and regularly presents at conferences and training sessions.


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