Get good with change. Your introduction to futures thinking | Michelle Jennings

“The only constant in life is change.”- Heraclitus.

Change impacts us all and it is increasing at an exponential rate. Our ability as businesses, communities and individuals to identify, mentally cope and adapt to change is crucial. Even more importantly in the face of emerging (and converging) technology, environmental degradation and climate change, is our ability to see its consequences beyond the short term.

This simple, effective, and entertaining workshop will help you to not only grapple with change and disruption but use it to develop fresh strategies and create opportunities to innovate. Learn the basics of futures thinking with Strategic Foresight and Innovation specialists ROGUE.

About the Speaker:

Michelle is an innovation and marketing specialist, certified Design Futures Practitioner and founder of Auckland based strategic foresight and innovation consultancy ROGUE. Her experience spans the healthcare, not for profit, retail, technology and travel industries, working across large organisations and small internet start-ups.

Michelle is passionate about sharing the considerable personal and professional benefits of futures thinking, helping individuals and organisations to not be thrown by change, but learn tools to become more resilient, adaptable and ultimately be able to utilise it in a more productive, considered and innovative way.


$70.00ex GST


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