Impact, Insights & Practical Action to Help You & Your Charity Navigate the Demise of Cheques | FINZ

A webinar discussion about FINZ cheque advocacy for the fundraising sector. Watch the video for a robust analysis on the results of the second cheque survey.

Concerned about the removal of cheques as a payment option for your donors? Want to know the most up-to-date information from banks and service providers who can support you?

Join FINZ as we explore what is happening, where you can get help, what other organisations are already doing and how you can tackle the challenge with your donors.

In this 1.5 hour webinar you will have the opportunity to see the latest research on the potential impact of the removal of cheques, what is being doing to support charities and their donors through this.

For the opportunity to join the discussion and ask questions of FINZ, Fi McPhee and our FINZ Cheque Working group members please got to the Fundraiser's Cheque Portal in the Member's Area.


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