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Pareto Fundraising’s Digital Strategy Director, James Herlihy, will lead a powerful five-day, three-stop tour designed to help you embrace a fundraising future that will be defined by digital. James will be joined in each location by charities presenting insights and case studies from the latest home-grown Kiwi campaigns.

What is covered?

  • Digital fundamentals
  • Channel strategy
  • DM integration & lead generation
  • Digital analytics
  • Bequests
  • Emerging technologies and more!

About the Speaker

James Herlihy is Pareto Fundraising’s Digital Strategy Director. He has spent more than 12 years in the non-profit digital space and is the brains behind groundbreaking digital campaigns.

Since starting the Pareto Fundraising digital team in 2013, James has directed digital strategy and overseen production across all digital and integrated projects.

His standouts include Soi Dog’s “I Didn’t Know” campaign, which has acquired more than 100,000 donors, millions of dollars revenue and significant real-world change. James leads Pareto’s Digital Benchmarking program development, digital product development and innovation.

Topics Covered

  • Digital Measurement - Tracking and Analytics
  • Digital-DM Integration
  • Digital Fundamentals - Part 1
  • Digital Fundamentals - Part 2
  • Emerging Technology and its Relevance for Fundraisers
  • Lead Generation Master Class - Part 1
  • Lead Generation Master Class - Part 2
  • Bequests - The (Digital) Future

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