COVID-19 and YOUR Cause - Weathering the Storm | FINZ

Are you about to walk right in to one of the worst fundraising revenue crashes of your career?

A lot of organisations are! As COVID-19 spreads, too many organisations are about to make incredibly self-destructive choices.

Make sure you are not one of them!

The good news is, you don't have to be.

Join Michelle Berriman from FINZ with special guest Sean Triner of Moceanic for a discussion on how your nonprofit can weather the storm during this uncertain time. You might even be able to have a record fundraising year this year!

Sean has clients on multiple continents, all dealing with varying degrees and effects of the current health and financial crisis. He’s helping charities face declining donations, supply chain problems and cancelled events in many countries. And we’ve asked him along to help NZ organisations right now.

Whether your organisation is on the frontlines of dealing with the crisis or not, there are smart moves you can make that will keep you from lasting damage.


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