Modern Corporate Partnerships | Craig Pollard

A fresh perspective on fundraising from companies and tactics that will help you find and build high value corporate partnerships, with examples of brilliant practice in this space.

During this session we'll bust some big myths about corporate fundraising, we'll explore the most common origins of corporate partnerships, we'll consider the different communities and tribes within companies, the broad impacts of corporate partnerships, and how to initiate, navigate and grow them.

You'll leave the session with a clear understanding of corporate partnerships, case studies of what great partnerships look like, a toolkit to identify and engage your most likely corporate partners, practical tactics to get your foot in the door, tips to manage the most common challenges you'll face, and more confidence to start building your own partnerships.

About the Speaker:

Craig Pollard
Craig has been in fundraising for 25+ years and has worked with donors, fundraisers and non-profits in 90+ countries. He is an Associate of AskRIGHT and Founder of the Fundraising Radicals. Craig has helped build dozens of successful, multi-million-pound corporate partnerships in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and he guides non-profits of all shapes and sizes with corporate engagement strategy.

This session is worth 1.5 CFRE Points.


$95.00ex GST


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