Telefund New Zealand

We are a small and personable tele-fundraising team. We help Not for Profits concentrate on their core activities by outsourcing telefundraising to an experienced, driven and passionate troop of Kiwis. Unlike large contact centres, we seek to better understand our client’s specific needs, budget and environment so we can tailor our services exclusively.


“We help Not for Profits focus on core business activities by outsourcing their fundraising to a passionate troop of kiwis”

Jude and her team have more than fifteen years’ international experience in the charity tele-fundraising sector across a variety of campaigns. 

Our Commitment & Values

Jude and her team have a passion for securing new & existing donors. It’s about engaging with people and helping them more actively support the causes they feel strongly about.
The J Lyon approach is personal and informal – and tailored to meet your needs, environment, and on-going support.
J Lyon’s clients are also happy to discuss their experiences further with you, please review our testimonials.