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FINZ GOLD SPONSOR: We are the team who will deliver top quality print on time and to budget. From marketing and promotional material to publishing.

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We live and breathe print. We've been doing it for close to a century now.

As a team of dedicated print specialists, we get really excited seeing blank, raw material become beautiful pieces of artful communication that go out to you and your customers, giving them your message in the best way possible.

Beneath our office floors is a print room thrumming with the latest printing technology. We won't bore you with model numbers and sheet outputs. But we will say that our incredible machines are a far cry from the hand-fed printing press Lt. Colonel Fred Soar operated from his Onehunga print shop back in 1920.

Every challenge that comes our way is solved from the positive energy and creative thinking of our team, who are constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the way we work. While we love our machines, our people are our greatest asset.

It would be fair to say that we like where we are. Big enough to do a great job, but small enough to keep things personal with our clients. In fact many of them say that once they have had the Soar experience, they'd never go back. We'll take that as a compliment.