FINZ BRONZE SPONSOR: Moceanic is built for a worldwide community of like minded fundraisers like you. We are going to help you change the world by changing the way you do fundraising, with quality, focused, experience-based online knowledge sharing and our one-to-one unique coaching+ packages.


Moceanic is a values-based business. We are about changing the world and working with organisations that share our values.

We are a team of people who believe in equality, fairness, compassion, and love.

We love working with people trying to protect the environment and reduce the suffering of animals and humans through research, education, care, arts and advocacy – organisations such as hospitals, cancer care and research, overseas aid, universities, arts and development.

In addition, we love to work with progressive charities, educators and movements working in social justice, poverty alleviation, education, LGBT+ rights, arts, human and animal rights, anti-discrimination, and protecting the environment.

This could include organisations such as Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Amnesty International, WWF, Greenpeace and progressive political organisations like GetUp! and MoveOn.  

We won’t work with organisations that oppose these movements.

Our content is also available for agency staff, consultants and suppliers who work with the sort of organisations that we support.

This is important to us, and we reserve the right to choose not to train people working directly for, or on behalf of, organisations whose missions or values do not align with ours.