FINZ BRONZE SPONSOR: Operating since 2007, Croxley Recycling is the only Environmental Choice licensed e-waste recycler in the country. With cardboard, plastic, metal, toner and electronics accepted at Croxley’s 18,000 business collection points throughout the country, less than 1% of the e-waste we recycle goes to landfill.

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Croxley Recycling is New Zealand’s only e-waste recycler with Environmental Choice certification!

Croxley Recycling Centre in New Lynn makes a significant contribution to reducing landfill in this country. A recent audit showed less than 1.0% by weight of what comes into the Centre is unable to be recycled.

That level of performance is achieved largely because Croxley Recycling meets all the requirements of Environmental Choice. This certification does not bring in extra money, but the benefits are clear for our customers. It means they know there is an audited end of life pathway. They can meet all their environmental goals in this regard. They know this licence assures them of best practice.