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We offer training for grantseekers and assist you to develop a funding plan for you to DIY. We can also work with you to prepare grant applications, sponsorship proposals, tender documents and supporting collateral on your behalf.

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The team at CommunityWorks provides fundraising, governance support, association and event management services. We are highly motivated to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We hate waste - wasted opportunities, time, effort or resources. And we place a high value on understanding where you’ve come from, where you’re going and capitalising on the existing institutional knowledge you have - in whatever form that may exist. We love sharing ways to avail of technology to preserve and strengthen the crucial foundational knowledge base of your organisation. We invest a lot of our own personal time into research and intentional learning to be as “current” as possible in a fast-changing world. We are always on the hunt for ways to refine and improve how we do what we do for our clients. Our goals are to save you time and money while helping you to improve the quality and impact or value of the services you provide.