Cawthron Foundation

Water is essential for life – to each of us individually and as a nation. It's not only about clean drinking water, but about providing a safe place for our children to play, protecting the environment, restoring natural habitats, enhancing marine life, ensuring our food is safe and developing sustainable farming, fishing and other business practices.

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The sustainable management of New Zealand's freshwater, coastal and natural environments is one of Cawthron Institute's top priorities. Cawthron Foundation is a registered charity (charity no. CC28711) established to support the world-class, independent research developed and delivered by Cawthron to benefit New Zealand and our global environment.  

Cawthron Foundation is overseen by an independent trust board chaired by Dr Morgan Williams – current chair of World Wide Fund for Nature in New Zealand and former Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Cawthron Foundation provides an opportunity for you to play a part in developing science for a better world. Donations and gifts to the Foundation help Cawthron to deliver research into areas important to New Zealanders, and to support talented New Zealand scientists.