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Supporting projects at Auckland Hospital and its associated sites, which help every family get the best possible healthcare.

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Auckland City Hospital is New Zealand’s largest public hospital and clinical research facility, and along with Auckland Hospital’s other sites, it serves the health needs of half a million residents.

Patients and their whānau come to Auckland City Hospital from all over New Zealand. The hospital has more than 3,500 treatment rooms and over 1,100 beds, caring for all aspects of adult health – from cancer and mental health, to maternity and cardiovascular, to A&E and everything in between.

It is also the country’s largest medical training facility, giving rise to a new generation of healthcare professionals who are committed to excellence in patient care, research, training and community service.

Auckland Hospital Foundation goes beyond what is government-funded to help our hospitals provide the best possible healthcare. Our donors support projects that benefit patients and the community but could otherwise not be implemented without partnerships and philanthropy.

We are focused on the following priorities:

- Promoting population health and wellness
- Supporting the training and education of both medical and non-medical staff
- Transforming patient care by supporting new processes, innovation and technology for delivery of healthcare
- Advancing Discovery – patient-focused research involving Auckland Hospital staff and leveraging through other collaboration