FINZ Response, Latest Updates:

This section is the 5 most recent updates, for older updates please see 'At A Glance' in the section below.

At a Glance:

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  • 27/03/20: eDM sent out with regards to defining essential communication, and Direct Mail in Level 4 - INFO
  • 25/03/20: Strategic Grants share webpage keeping the sector up to date on grant round closures, changes, positive funder news and more - INFO
  • 23/03/20: Government Wage and Leave Scheme confirmed as applying to; Registered Charities, NGO's, Incorporated Societies, and Post-Settlement Governance Entitites - INFO
  • 23/03/20: Survey to assess scale and potential impact on fundraising from More Strategic & Donor Republic released. Results will provide insight for a webinar hosted by FIA - COMPLETE
  • 19/03/20: Letter to Jacinda Ardern & Grant Robertson, urging them to remember charities in budget considerations - INFO
  • 19/03/20: COVID-19 and YOUR Cause Online Session - WATCH
  • 17/03/20: April Learning Lunch now a Virtual Event - INFO
  • 16/03/20: March Regional Learning Lunches cancelled - INFO

WATCH: COVID19 and YOUR Cause - Weathering the Storm

Are you about to walk right in to one of the worst fundraising revenue crashes of your career? A lot of organisations are! As COVID-19 spreads, too many organisations are about to make incredibly self-destructive choices.
Make sure you are not one of them! The good news is, you don't have to be...