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A great way to finish the year of virtual learning lunches with positive strategies from Sumathi!


Dealing positively in times of uncertainty 

“Life is filled with uncertainty, more so today than ever before. The current pandemic has reminded us that life is unpredictable and can change rapidly. The fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of our future can leave us riding this emotional roller coaster which is understandable and natural. Anxiety, apprehension, worry, frustration, disappointment, anger …….. the list is endless. While many things remain outside our control, our mindset is key to coping with difficult situations and facing the unknown. Even though we may not have control over everything, we do have control over how we respond to a given situation.“

Career and life coach Sumathi will provide you with simple and practical strategies to help you handle uncertainty in a positive manner.


About the speaker:

Sumathi is a professionally trained career and life coach. Drawn to coaching with a deep sense of purpose, passion and a desire to help people achieve their full potential, Sumathi has built a dynamic coaching practice “Achieve Your Potential”.

Sumathi’s coaching style is results-oriented, collaborative and non-judgmental, with strengths in inspiring and empowering people to achieve their more. She believes in creating transformational changes that are holistic and sustainable. Sumathi finds it very fulfilling to witness people moving towards who they want to be and achieve meaningful success in their lives.

Sumathi can help you navigate through uncertain and turbulent times in your professional or personal life to achieve your desired goals. 

In addition to being a professional coach, Sumathi has a successful professional career, raised a family and has experienced the ups and downs of moving across the world. All these experiences combine to make her a grounded professional businesswoman and coach. She has comprehensive experience in the commercial, not for profit, health, medical and service sectors. Along with her personal qualities, the life skills learnt in her personal and professional life makes Sumathi a unique and well-rounded coach.


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