Multiple sessions available from Mon 25 Mar 2019 to Tue 26 Mar 2019

Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, 58 Waipuna Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland, 1060, New ZealandView map

Do you want to create a practical bequest strategy that you can ‘Takeaway’ and apply to your organisation? Or do you want to be a more creative and knowledgeable Fundraising leader? FINZ and Pareto are bringing Stephen George to NZ for this two day workshop tour.

FINZ will be running two days of creative, practical and insightful training workshop events. The first of these two days will be the ‘Bequest workshop’ and will be held on Monday 25 March at the Waipuna Hotel, Auckland. The second ‘Fundraising Leadership’ workshop will be held Tuesday 26 March at the Waipuna Hotel.

Both sessions will be limited in numbers (25max) each day will cost $265 (for members).


How to refresh your legacy strategy and campaigns

Course Overview

The biggest opportunity for every charity is right here, right now: Legacies. This workshop will give you the tools you need to lead and build a new transformational legacy strategy from the bottom up and the top down. Based on marketing through influence, and with a story driven, donor led approach and using campaign examples from the UK, Remember a Charity and charities around the world, this workshop uses six critical building blocks to develop strategy and campaigns for any charity, whatever size.

Using this framework, you will review your programme, find how to build a culture, learn how to make the most of all channels, including direct, face to face, digital and events and how to think and act differently in legacies, whilst maximising traditional approaches. It will explore propositions, barriers, ways to measure, get investment and how to nurture long term relationships

Why do attendees need to be there – what’s the opportunity

Many fundraisers aren’t engaged in legacies, they don’t know what to do or struggle to get others inspired and engaged. The only way to get legacies really working and meet the opportunity in a new and large audience, is to inspire and engage everyone in an organisation and to reach out to donors so that it becomes a normal and natural conversation to have in an integrated powerful approach. By creating strategy and campaigns based on emotional connection and behavioural change, we can transform legacy giving.  

This is an opportunity to refresh your thinking and approach, create, innovate, problem solve and take your programme to a new level.

What will attendees take away

  1. A framework and the tools to build a strategy and campaigns
  2. Insight and understanding about legacies and the key barriers and opportunities
  3. How to engage and reach others
  4. How to build the right culture
  5. Ways to build confidence with by measuring performance and future value
  6. A framework and the tools to build a strategy and campaigns
  7. Find and deliver clarity around your organisations purpose and legacy proposition 
  8. Create an assessment of your current situation and challenges and find a plan to move forward
  9. Find the tools to have a legacy conversation with anyone
  10. Understand the various channels in legacies and how they can work together and what mix to choose


7 Steps to Transform your Fundraising Leadership to Raise More Money

Course Overview

Are you looking for ways to lift and transform your fundraising leadership and deliver better results? Non-profits need entrepreneurial leadership to drive change more than ever. The difference between money raised and not raised, between growth and stagnation is good leadership. 

This workshop uses 7 Steps to help transform your fundraising leadership in your organisation and help you make the changes needed to deliver real impact. The steps help meet the leadership challenge by giving a framework and finding your purpose, sparking some inspiration, and a giving you a map and methodology,  that comes from over 30 years fundraising and leadership experience at all levels and all over the fundraising world. The 7 Steps used in this programme can make a huge difference to you, your team and your organisation. 

In this workshop you will:

  1. Find your purpose & aspiration - know why and where you are going and what you are aiming for
  2. Build a great fund-raising atmosphere - Create a space where people and teams can work together
  3. Find and share stories - Find the heart and spirit of people and your cause through stories
  4. Shift behaviour to make things happen - Change behaviour through disruption
  5. Deliver and show impact - Show, measure and focus on impact, results and progress
  6. Find your original – Be brave and add your own twist to innovate, create and cut through
  7. Nurture your people and partnerships– Look after people, build relationships and collaborate with partners

Participants will:

  1. Bring their own personal, team and organisational challenges to work through
  2. Be able to review their own fundraising leadership with a 35-question quiz
  3. Work together and with Stephen to share and resolve challenges and opportunities
  4. Use the tools and models in each step to review and refresh your strategy 
  5. Leave with a renewed sense of purpose and an action plan 

Why do attendees need to be there – what’s the opportunity

The opportunity here is to take a step back and explore, problem solve, innovate and be challenged, inspired and energised with a practical mix of Leadership Driven Fundraising. Leadership skills meets fundraising consultancy meets personal coaching and a fresh start.

What will attendees take away

  1. Explore and reconnect with personal and organisational purpose
  2. Find your aspiration and goal
  3. How to create the right environment for teams
  4. Ways to build emotional connections through stories and how to find your personal story
  5. Problems in leadership and fundraising strategy shared and supported and ways to find solutions
  6. Use steps and models to help you organise yourselves and create an action plan
  7. How to review your plan and strategy
  8. How to engage and influence others
  9. How to manage and lead better 
  10. Ways to create and innovate
  11. How to build personal brand 

What people have said about Stephen

‘I really enjoyed this session - Stephen George was a breath of fresh air - his enthusiasm and sense of humour were great’ 

‘One of the best training days which was both informative and challenging’ 

Very invigorating passionate speaker

‘Sometimes a speaker helps a little seed of an idea or concept that has been looking for a way to spring up come to life. I felt this yesterday and am now excited to bring some new ideas to fruition’

Stephen George was a standout - practical & passionate

Loved everything about Stephen George's message - top presenter, interesting, funny

Stephen George was a phenomenal speaker - interesting, engaging & extremely knowledgeable.

Day One: Bequest Workshop

Mon 25 Mar 20199:00 AM - 5:00 PMAdd to calendar

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FINZ MembersAvailable from Tue 29 Jan 2019 until Mon 18 Mar 2019$265.00
Non MembersAvailable until Mon 18 Mar 2019$350.00

Day Two: Fundraising Leadership

Tue 26 Mar 20199:00 AM - 5:00 PMAdd to calendar

Ticket typePriceQuantity
FINZ MembersAvailable from Tue 29 Jan 2019 until Mon 18 Mar 2019$265.00
Non MembersAvailable until Mon 18 Mar 2019$350.00