Multiple sessions available from 3 Aug 2022 to 24 Aug 2022


Fundraising Craft Series: 4x live webinars (August) | Fundraising RadicalsFocus your fundraisingNail your narrativeDefine your donorsPitch your proposition

The Fundraising Craft Series

Four practical webinar-workshops that will sharpen your fundraising and equip you with the essential tools and knowledge you need to raise big donations for your cause (from all types of donors!)

Register today if you want to FOCUS your fundraising, NAIL your narrative, DEFINE your donors, and PITCH your propositions.

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Craig - Host Intro:

Craig's very first job was chopping the ends off broccoli stalks. He much prefers showing people how they can become better fundraisers. He founded the Fundraising Radicals to share how fundraising works.

Craig has been in fundraising for 27 years and has worked with fundraisers, donors and nonprofits in more than 100 countries. He guides nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to raise big donations, build brilliant funding partnerships, and deliver fundraising campaigns.

Craig was also a VSO volunteer in Nigeria, trained to be an accountant with KPMG, has a masters in Violence, Conflict and Development, is a Fellow of London's Royal Geographical Society, and he once cycled 17,000km from London to Cape Town.


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Webinar #1 - FOCUS Your Fundraising

3 Aug 202213:00 - 14:30Add to calendar

We'll start by getting you out of your comfort zone, into the places where big donations can be raised. We'll identify the barriers and myths that are getting in the way of you fundraising big donations and share strategies to overcome them. Then, we'll work step-by-step through the Fundraising Dashboard: this tool is your one-page fundraising plan. It will change how you think about and do fundraising, it will focus your effort, and point you in the right direction. You'll step off the rollercoaster with a clear one-page plan for raising your next big donations.

Webinar #2 - NAIL Your Narrative

10 Aug 202213:00 - 14:30Add to calendar

How do you present your cause to donors so they'll fund you? This webinar-workshop is about crafting your Case for Support. We'll share what works and what doesn't when it comes to designing and building your Case document and the all-important Case process. Then we'll move into story-telling. You'll be guided step-by-step to build the stories that will connect your donors to your cause. We'll also introduce the Fundraising Matrix: this is a powerful tool that will structure and guide your whole fundraising approach. You'll leave the session with your own skeleton Case for Support and a step-by-step plan for taking it to your donors.

Webinar #3 - DEFINE Your Donors

17 Aug 202213:00 - 14:30Add to calendar

Who will fund your cause? This is the most difficult fundraising question and this session will help find your own answers. Finding and engaging donors can feel overwhelming and has the potential to eat all of your precious fundraising hours. So, we'll guide you past the overwhelm, we'll dip into donor motives, then show you how to define (and discover) your best donors, efficiently. You'll leap out of this session with new clarity on your priority groups of donors, and a list of the people you will next talk to about your work and funding.

Webinar #4 - PITCH Your Proposition

24 Aug 202213:00 - 14:30Add to calendar

How do you connect your brilliant Case for Support to that one donor sitting in front of you? We'll tackle the biggest barrier that makes people feel uncomfortable about asking for money then bust a very big fundraising myth. Together we'll explore in detail what it really means to ask someone for a donation, what to say, when and how - so that you can do it too. And, I'll share how to keep your donor conversations moving. Later on, we'll get into the practical stuff as you plan your next donor meetings using our Donor Meeting tool. You'll leave the session and the series with a new toolkit, and the confidence and clarity you need to have credible conversations with your best donors about them funding your cause.

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