THANK YOU for considering a donation to the Kitty Hilton Scholarship

We hope to run this scholarship for many years to come, and your donation will help to make this happen.

There are two ways to contribute to the Kitty Hilton Memorial Scholarship:

Both donations can be made using our Pledge Form (Download). Once you have completed the form, please send it on to Linda -

For Regular Gifts, please also complete the Automatic Payment Form (Download).

We are in the process of making the above downloadable Pledge Form into digital, please do not hesitate to donate in the meantime.

We encourage you to become a regular donor to the fund, as as we all know, lots of small amounts will make this scholarship sustainable and leave a legacy that is deserving of Kitty.

Your donation towards the Kitty Hilton Scholarship, in conjunction with Sean Triner and Christiana Stergiou, will support two NZ fundraisers to attend IFC in Holland. Covering airfares, accommodation and registrations to the conference.

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