Upcoming Events in 2021:

Julia smiles in the breeze, she has large gold earrings on and stands in front of blooming flowers

Virtual Micro Masterclass: How to Raise Awareness and Drive Donations Using Social Media with Julia Campbell

12 Oct 202111:00 - 12:30


This workshop will examine how nonprofit social media marketing will need to adapt to the realities of our distracted, digital world, and how charities of all sizes can continue to attract new supporters, raise awareness for their cause, and drive donations. This Micro Masterclass is presented by one of the Best of industry global changemakers: Julia Campbell. 1.5 CFRE Pts.

SGM: Membership Fee Update

SGM: Membership Fee Update

27 Oct 20210:00 - 0:00

Online, New Zealand

More information coming soon. Time TBC.

FINZ 2021 Conference

FINZ 2021 Conference

8 Nov 2021 (8:00) - 10 Nov 2021 (17:00)

Michael Fowler Center, Wellington, New Zealand

Check out the 2021 Conference program & register today!

Craig looks like he is leaning on a tree with one arm on the trunk and one propping his head up. He is in a neat blue shirt and smiling.

Virtual Micro Masterclass: Modern Corporate Partnerships with Craig Pollard

23 Nov 20218:00 - 9:30


A fresh perspective on fundraising from companies and tactics that will help you find and build high value corporate partnerships, with examples of brilliant practice in this space. This Micro Masterclass is presented by one of the Best of industry global changemakers: Craig Pollard.

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FINZ Otago / Southland End of Year Event

1 Dec 2021 (0:00) - 22 Dec 2021 (23:59)


Placeholder for the Otago/Southland Region's End of Year Event.

FINZ Northern Temp Image

FINZ Northern End of Year Event

1 Dec 2021 (0:00) - 22 Dec 2021 (23:59)


Placeholder for the Northern Region's End of Year Event.

FINZ Central Temp Image

FINZ Central End of Year Event

1 Dec 2021 (0:00) - 22 Dec 2021 (23:59)


Placeholder for the Central Region's End of Year Event.

FINZ Southern Temp Image

FINZ Southern End of Year Event

1 Dec 2021 (0:00) - 22 Dec 2021 (23:59)


Placeholder for the Southern Region's End of Year Event.

Dominique Antarakis

Virtual Learning Lunch: The Language of Donor Love with Dominique Antarakis

10 Feb 202212:00 - 13:00


How much difference can a word, a phrase, or tone of voice make when it comes to communicating with your donors and prospects? All the difference in the world. Speaker: Dominique Antarakis.

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