Upcoming Events in 2022:

FINZ Otago/Southland Temp Image

FINZ Otago / Southland New Year Event

1 Jan 2022 (0:00) - 31 Jan 2022 (23:59)


Placeholder for the Otago/Southland Region's New Year Event.

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FINZ Northern 2022 New Year Event

9 Feb 202217:00 - 19:00

Oxfam's Space, 14 West Street, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Northern Region's 2022 New Year Party.

Dominique Antarkis smiles, she has short fluffy hair and is wearing blue earrings. She is surrounded by stars.

Virtual Inspiration Workshop | The Language of Donor Love | Dominique Antarakis

10 Feb 202212:00 - 13:00


How much difference can a word, a phrase, or tone of voice make when it comes to communicating with your donors and prospects? All the difference in the world. Speaker: Dominique Antarakis. 1 CFRE Pt.

Image of half an orange and half a dragonfruit as though they are one piece of fruit. Text reads: what's my brand worth? Online Workshop | What's My Brand Worth? (to corporates)

17 Feb 202210:30 - 13:00


Learn the tried & tested ‘BFF Formula’ that enables you to place a $ value on your brand for lending to a corporate partner. Register your interest today with!

Image of a sliced Strawberry with melted chocolate spilling out of it. Text reads: who'd make great (corporate) partners? Online Workshop | Who'd Make Great (corporate) Partners?

22 Feb 202210:30 - 13:00


Learn our ‘Bullseye’ prospecting process that enables you to create a list of corporate suspects & prospects based on synergies not personal contacts. Register your interest today with!

FINZ 2022 Conference: CHANGEMAKERS - The Impact of YOU

FINZ 2022 Conference: CHANGEMAKERS - The Impact of YOU

21 Mar 2022 (8:00) - 23 Mar 2022 (17:00)

Michael Fowler Center, Wellington, New Zealand

Information being updated as it is available.

Chris Te'o is smiling, wearing a yellow shirt and grey suit jacket. He is surrounded by stars.

Virtual Inspiration Workshop | Uso Bike Ride: A Whanau United | Chris Te'o

21 Apr 202212:00 - 13:00


Following the loss of his father to Cancer, Mr Christopher Te’o founded USO Bike Ride in 2011, a cycling whanau that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of communities. This session examines how story-telling and building trust creates community empowerment. How does a relationship with the Cancer Society strengthen the kaupapa of a flaxroots organisation? Speaker: Chris Te'o. 1 CFRE Pt.

Virtual Inspiration Workshop | The Art of Media Management for Organisational Leaders| Daniel Paul

Virtual Inspiration Workshop | The Art of Media Management for Organisational Leaders| Daniel Paul

1 May 2022 (0:00) - 30 May 2022 (0:00)


Charities and NFPs rely heavily on media exposure to raise or maintain their public profile which, in turn, actively supports that all-important fundraising. Organisations that work the media well have two things in common. Find out what they are, and how you can develop them for your own organisation. Speaker: Daniel Paul.

John Greenhoe smiles, he is wearing glasses. He is surrounded by clouds.

Virtual Micro Masterclass | Five Easy Pieces: Creating The Compelling Case for Support | John Greenhoe

9 Jun 202212:00 - 13:30


Today's hypercompetitive market for charitable giving is more challenging than ever. Facing the daunting obstacle of information overload, how can charities stand out? Only through the creation of a compelling case for support that can be easily understood and simply communicated. Speaker: John Greenhoe. 1.5 CFRE Pts.

CFRE Accreditation

A voluntary credential that is recognized worldwide, the CFRE signifies a confident, ethical fundraising professional.

CFRE is used by fundraisers across the globe to show accountability, service, and commitment to making a difference for good. The CFRE credential is vital to a fundraiser’s professional growth and that it sets the standard for ethical practice in the sector.

All FINZ Events are CFRE certified, and the points from these can go towards your CFRE accreditation.

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