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Tuesday 30 August // MASTER CLASS DAY
8:30 - 9am Registration and Coffee in Room TBC
Renouf Foyer 1 Renouf Foyer 2 Frank Taplin Room Lion Harbourview Lounge 1 Lion Harbourview Lounge 2
9 - 10:30am Meredith Dwyer Future Proof your Digital Fundraising Earle Wilkes Engaging and Attracting more Diverse Donors Part 1 Clare Bridle + Craig Pollard High-Performance Major Gift Solicitation Part 1 Clive Pedley, Iyanthi Wijayanayake + Nigel Harris Effective Fundraising in the Health Sector Part 1 Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i Dynamic Navigation Part 1
10:30 - 11am Morning Tea, Room TBC
11 - 12:30pm Kaye Maree Dunn Powering Up Partnerships with Iwi/Māori Communities Earle Wilkes Engaging and Attracting more Diverse Donors Part 2 Clare Bridle + Craig Pollard High-Performance Major Gift Solicitation Part 2 Clive Pedley, Iyanthi Wijayanayake + Nigel Harris Effective Fundraising in the Health Sector Part 2 Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i Dynamic Navigation Part 2
12:30 - 1:30pm Lunch, Room TBC
1:30 - 3:00pm Steven Moe + Aislinn Molloy Fundraising in a Brave New World Earle Wilkes Engaging and Attracting more Diverse Donors Part 3 Clare Bridle + Craig Pollard High-Performance Major Gift Solicitation Part 3 Clive Pedley, Iyanthi Wijayanayake + Nigel Harris Effective Fundraising in the Health Sector Part 3 Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i Dynamic Navigation Part 3
3 - 3:15pm Grab and Go Afternoon Tea, take into Fireside Chat
3:15 - 4:15pm Engage and Experience Fireside Chat hosted by Michelle Berriman with Kaye Maree Dunn, Sue Barker, Liz Gibbs, Steven Moe and Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i
4:15 Exhbition Hall Opens
4:30 - 6pm Salesforce Welcome Function
7 - 9:30pm I Wish I'd Thought of That sponsored by DTV Asia with Ken Burnett, Nicola Long, Gavin Coopey and Fiona McPhee - MFC Auditorium
Wednesday 31 August // FINZ CONFERENCE
8 - 8:40am Registration and Coffee
8:45 - 10am Welcome Mihi from Anthony Tipene, Message from Dr Ashley Bloomfield, FINZ Welcome: The IMPACT of YOU from Michelle Berriman, and Opening Plenary with Lessons in Badassery presented by Shelly Davies
10 - 10:30am Morning Tea
Renouf Foyer 1 Renouf Foyer 2 The Auditorium Lion Harbourview Lounge 1 Lion Harbourview Lounge 2
10:35 - 11:30am Gavin McLellan Future Proofing Fundraising - Through the Goldfish Bowl Shelly Davies Plain Language Shanelle Newton Clapham Forget 2 Step Regular Giving Acquisition - Do it Online for Better ROI Alecia Hancock Using Social Media to Activate your Community Gwen Green How do you raise funds when you have no donors?
11:35 - 12:35pm Louise Walters Developing a Successful Fundraising Strategy Sarah Barrer How to Achieve Peak Performance in Fundraising Kaye Maree Dunn Walking Beside Māori Communities: A Case Study Jay Kachelhoffer Baby Donors to Boomer Donors: Digital and Donations Dr Sarah Paterson-Hamlin Up and Down Aotearoa
12:35 - 1:30pm Lunch
1:35 - 2:30pm Shelly Davies Boundaries Like a Mo-Fo Sabrina Ragan Avoiding the Ditch on Both Sides of the Major Gift Journey Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i Wayfinding on a Run Terri Sheahan Connecting with Donors via Creative that gets Results Karina Salih + Fi McPhee The Art of Conversation: The Science Behind Regular Giving Acquisition
2:35 - 3:35pm Greg Millar Data Driven Growth Chris Downes Do you Still Love Me? Better Donor Stewardship Nicola Long + Christina Hoey The Power of TV and Digital Video for your Gifts in Wills Program Sean Triner Match Giving: A ‘free’ BOOST to appeals and acquisition Nicki Sayers Finding Major Donors - Where to Start?
3:35 - 3:45pm Afternoon Tea to take into Auditorium
3:35 - 4:45pm NZed Talks MFC Auditorium Colin Thomas Future Proof your Fundraising Jeremy Bennett Using Facebook to Refresh your Bequests Craig Pollard Adventures in Global Fundraising Katrina Reilly A Story About Stories
6:30pm - Midnight FINZ Awards Gala Event 2021 MC'd by Kath Bier
Thursday 1 September // FINZ CONFERENCE
7:00 - 8:30am VIP Special Breakfasts
8:45 - 9:30am Day 2 Opening Plenary with Dynamic Navigation: Wayfinding through Uncertainty presented by Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i
Renouf Foyer 1 Renouf Foyer 2 The Auditorium Lion Harbourview Lounge 1 Lion Harbourview Lounge 2
9:35 - 10:35am Sebastian Grodd + Terri van Schooten How to Maximise your Events Fundraising Revenue! Mark Collins For-Purpose from Profit, a Fresh Funding Perspective Mark Wiegerink Future Focused Chris Downes Gifts in Wills... It's Personal Dominique Leeming Emerging from the Embers - A Personal Journey through Burnout
10:35 - 11am Morning Tea
11:05 - 12pm Ashley Rose, Gareth Davies, and Alcin Hacker Individual Giving is No Longer Profitable Unless... Jasmine Groves Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn Rachel Jefferies From Monty Python to Matt Damon: Fundraising Lessons from the Movies Clive Pedley Unlocking the Philanthropic Ambition of Donors Sean Triner Donors that FUND your FUNDRAISING!
12:05 - 1pm Karla Paotonu Can I Run An Urgent Appeal? Zebedee Stone Creating Unity through Movement Building Kevin Sher Digital Maturity Essentials Professor Ajmol Ali How Employee Wellness should be the First Step in Boosting Business Gavin Coopey + Fi McPhee Giving New Zealand: The How and Why of Kiwi Donors
1:05 - 1:40pm Lunch
1:45 - 2:45pm Sarita Divis Donor Care: Ideas and Examples Meredith Dwyer Mind the Gap: Lift your Campaign Performance Hailey Cavill-Jaspers + Georgia McIntosh Get Ready for Corporate Partnerships Gwen Green, Zebedee Stone + Adam Ford Question Time on FINZ and Peak Foundation's 50/50 Lottery Gavin Coopey + Fi McPhee Donor Centricity: How to Really Understand and Empathise with your Donors
2:50 - 3:50pm Closing Plenary Great Fundraising is Hard but Sometimes you Win presented by Al Clayton LIVE FROM LOCHNESS and The Future of FINZ from Michelle Berriman, FINZ Board, Fellows, and Staff

Sessions and Speakers are subject to change.





Room: Various, see event


Master Class: Dynamic Navigation - Wayfinding through Uncertainty

Master Class: Dynamic Navigation - Wayfinding through Uncertainty

Tuesday 30 August, 9am - 3pm
Room: Lion Harbourview Lounge 2
Speaker: Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i

“E le mafai ona tatou suia le ala matagi, ae mafai ona tatou suia le la o lo tatou va’a”  -  We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can change the sail of our ship”.

Wayfinding transposes the wisdom of celestial navigation and ocean voyaging into a strategic system. Re-imagine your  Island of Success. Consider who and what is on your waka. Set your Values Compass. Identify the anchors stopping your journey. These are some of the elements participants will explore. This masterclass offers a full-day experience that will give participants real clarity on their future vision to what their next steps are. 

Master Class: Engaging and Attracting more Diverse Donors

Master Class: Engaging and Attracting more Diverse Donors

Tuesday 30 August, 9am - 3pm
Room: Renouf Foyer 2
Speaker: Earle Wilkes

Fundraisers across the globe have had to deal with the multiple challenges of increased ‘competition’ due to the dramatic increase in the number of charitable good causes, an ageing donor profile and changing domestic demographics. This has put significant pressure on charities’ income streams. Charities have sought in the main to address these structural challenges by being more effective in their messaging and working harder to retain their existing donors, which is all very sensible.

However, there is very little evidence to indicate that charities are investing in developing and implementing equity, diversity and inclusion strategies focused on attracting more diverse donors, particularly in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation and age.

This interactive workshop will provide attendees with an overview of key actions/interventions that they can take which will enhance and broaden their engagement and appeal to more diverse communities and non-traditional prospective donors across Aotearoa.

The workshop will also provide a range of equity, diversity and inclusion best practice examples and solutions aimed at addressing some of the key challenges which organisations may face when trying to attract and retain more diverse donors.

Key points delivered:

  • Where do we start from?
  • Embedding equity, diversity and inclusion within your messaging
  • Key practical ‘take-aways’
  • Best practice examples and solutions
Master Class: Powering Up Partnerships

Master Class: Powering Up Partnerships with Iwi/Māori Communities: Some Helpful Tips and Tricks to Deepen Engagement and Impact

Tuesday 30 August, 11am - 12:30pm
Room: Renouf Foyer 1
Speaker: Kaye Maree Dunn

In this masterclass Kaye Maree will step through a journey map for developing a Stakeholder analysis, understanding who are Iwi/Hapū, marae and māori entities and explore ways of connecting and engaging effectively.

Master Class: Future Proof your Digital Fundraising

Master Class: Future Proof your Digital Fundraising

Tuesday 30 August, 9am - 10:30am
Room: Renouf Foyer 1
Speaker: Meredith Dwyer

Digital channels have transformed fundraising over the last 20 years - from the rise of peer to peer platform driven events, to individual and regular giving campaigns.  After the peaks of COVID inspired virtual event fundraising and appeals, results for some major campaigns globally have started to decline.  We'll take a deep dive into the rapidly changing digital fundraising environment, and the strategies you need to explore now to support existing and new campaigns in the next 12 months:

  1. Prepare for the cookie-less future.  Over the last three years facebook CPAs have risen, and volume of conversions has dropped.  We’ll cover the key changes that have impacted on this channel so far, and the major shift coming in 2023/4 that you must prepare for now.
  2. New strategies for diversifying your digital channels and building an integrated programme to take your digital fundraising successfully into the future.
  3. Creative that works - from static, to video, animation and augmented reality - what is working, what to test, and what is on the horizon. Embracing diversity in your creative to grow your supporter base.
  4. Digital optimisation – save budget and increase conversions and income through simple changes to registration forms and donation forms, and powerful incomplete/abandoned cart journeys.
Master Class: Structuring for Impact

Master Class: Structuring for Impact - Maximising Fundraising Opportunities

Tuesday 30 August, 1:30 - 3pm
Room: Renouf Foyer 1
Speaker: Steven Moe + Aislinn Molloy

The Fundraising World is changing and with it so too are the options when it comes to structuring of entities seeking to have maximum impact.  We are moving beyond a binary conception of “either” you are a Charity, or you are a Business.  Many charities and ‘for purpose’ organisations are blurring across those too sides of the spectrum.  Sometimes there are Charities starting businesses.  Sometimes Businesses are starting Charities.  Sometimes social enterprise or impact driven companies sit between the two.  There is also the rise of “impact investing”.  What does all this mean for Fundraisers, how does it work from a legal perspective and how do different structures impact on organisations that want to do good in the world? 

This Masterclass will be an interactive session where we consider all the options when it comes to types of entity and what the implications of them are and most importantly what options are opened up for fundraising by choosing a particular structure.  As well as case studies and real life examples we will be considering the positives and negatives that come from different entity types and what they each mean for fundraising, investment, charitable status and having maximum impact.  Our “Impact Team” at Parry Field Lawyers deals with these questions every day, as well as having discussed these issues over the 300+ episodes on seeds podcast.  We really look forward to sharing our experiences with you all so that you leave this masterclass with a greater understanding of the options and an encouragement that new frames of reference are emerging which help to catalyse fundraising and increase impact.  We will also be giving away 10 copies of the book, “Laying Foundations for Reimagining Business: Essays”.

Master Class: Effective fundraising in the health sector

Master Class: Effective Fundraising in the Health Sector

Tuesday 30 August, 9am - 3pm
Room: Lion Harbourview Lounge 1
Speaker: Clive Pedley, Iyanthi Wijayanayake, and Nigel Harris

Healthcare philanthropy is on the rise globally.  COVID has dramatically increased donor outcomes in meeting health-related priorities.  However, effective fundraising in a variety of health settings is based on well-established best practice and unique opportunities.  This masterclass will consider a range of features unique to healthcare, for example engagement with clinicians, patients and grateful families. Case Studies will also be presented by charity leaders from a range of situations that everyone will be able to relate to.

Our team at Giving Architects have decades of experience that we are looking forward to sharing.  You will leave this masterclass with real-word learning, resources and templates, and an insight into the unique features of best practice healthcare philanthropy.

Master Class: High-Performance Major Gift Solicitation

Master Class: High-Performance Major Gift Fundraising 

Tuesday 30 August, 9am - 3pm
Room: Frank Taplin Room
Speaker: Clare Bridle + Craig Pollard

Do you want to focus on major gift fundraising for your cause or campaign but don’t know where to start? If the answer is yes, then this masterclass is for you. Major gift fundraising can be daunting, so attend this session to leave feeling confident and energised about the next steps you will take.

The masterclass will cover all stages of the major gift fundraising process from prospect identification through engagement, the ask, stewardship, and impact reporting. We will bust some common myths, take a look at some real-life examples and you’ll have a chance to put your knowledge into practice – personal participation required!

Fireside Chat: Cuss and Discuss

Engage & Experience Fireside Chat

The Auditorium, Tuesday 30 August, 3:15-4:15pm
Speakers: Kaye Maree Dunn, Liz Gibbs, Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i, Steven Moe, Sue Barker
Host: Michelle Berriman

Kaye Maree Dunn, Managing Director, Kaiwhakahaere: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kayemareedunn

Liz Gibbs, Director Perpetual Guardian (Givealittle) holdings Ltd & Group Head of Philanthropy at PG: https://www.linkedin.com/in/liz-gibbs-b6778714

Steven Moe, Partner, Parry Field Lawyers Limited: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-moe-0b3b008a

Sue Barker, Director, Sue Barker Charities Law: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-barker-94511b28

And Faumuina, one of our brilliant Keynote speakers, will join us straight after her masterclass!

Welcome Function

Salesforce Welcome Function

Room TBC, Tuesday 30 August, 4:30 - 6:30pm

Sue Barker will be in attendance!

More info coming soon...



I Wish I’d Thought Of That (IWITOT) sponsored by DTV Asia

The fundraising campaigns that have inspired the sector
The Auditorium, Tuesday 30 August, 7:00 - 9:30pm
IWITOT Speakers: Announced on the Day!
With: Ken Burnett, Gavin Coopey, Nicola Long and Fiona McPhee

Be prepared for a fast-paced inspiration session with nine fundraisers from all walks of life (from both New Zealand and overseas) taking to the stage — each with just six minutes to share with you the fundraising idea they wish they had thought of.

Why was it smart? What did it achieve? What does it mean in today’s world? What can you learn from it?

It has been a sell-out event in London since 2012 and also appears at IFC in Holland – the world’s leading fundraising Conference – where it has been a packed out session on the programme

We’re excited to be bringing back IWITOT to New Zealand and kick off the Conference with an inspiring evening of all that’s best in Fundraising!

Opening Plenary - Wednesday

Opening Plenary

The Auditorium, Wednesday 31 August, 8:45 - 10am
Speakers: Shelly Davies

Welcome Mihi - Anthony Tipene

Message from Dr Ashley Bloomfield

FINZ Welcome: The IMPACT of YOU - Michelle Berriman

Lessons in Badassery - Shelly Davies

Become powerful. Reclaim your voice. Give fewer fucks. Have it all. 

Scratch that. Have what you want—why waste time trying to be everyone’s cup of tea when you can be your own two shots of vodka?

When Shelly walked away from her family’s conservative religion in her forties, she embarked on a journey of discovery and growth. There was therapy and  boundary-setting. There were tears. Learning vulnerability is stronger than titanium, and faults are actually superpowers, Shelly transformed her life and leaned into her truth. So much so that she etched it into her skin in the form of a moko kauae - a traditional Māori chin tattoo.

For almost a decade, Shelly has been teaching people how to break the rules and give themselves the permission to stop just wishing for what they want and actually fucking get it!


NZed Talks

Wednesday 31 August, 3:35 - 5:15pm
Speakers: Colin Thomas, Jeremy Bennett, Craig Pollard, Katrina Reilly

Colin Thomas Future Proof your Fundraising

Jeremy Bennett Using Facebook to Refresh your Bequests

Craig Pollard Adventures in Global Fundraising

Katrina Reilly A Story About Stories (in-person)

FINZ Awards 2021 and Dinner

FINZ 2021 Fundraising Excellence Awards & Dinner

Wednesday 31 August, 7:30pm - Midnight
Room: MFC Auditorium
MC: Kath Bier

Pre dinner drinks and canapes are in ROOM TBC from 6:30pm.

Then, join us for the main Awards event and dinner.

Learn more about Awards HERE

VIP Special Interest Breakfast

VIP Special Interest Breakfast

Lion Harbourview Lounge 1, Thursday 1 September, 7 - 8:30am

Take your digital fundraising to the next level with Film and Video - DTV Group

Expanding Digital Maturity & Innovation in your Organisation: Lessons from your Peers - Blackbaud

So you want to be a Fundraising Consultant - John Godfrey

Your Grandma is on Zoom and Facebook. Digital Behaviour of your Older Donors - Parachute Digital

Creating Impact Investment Opportunities in the Charity Sector - Giving Architects

All Things Direct Marketing - New Zealand Post

NFPs and the Art of Crisis Management - The PR Company

Opening Plenary - Thursday

Opening Plenary - Thursday

The Auditorium, Thursday 1 September, 8:45am - 9:30am
Speakers: Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i 

Dynamic Navigation - Wayfinding through Uncertainty - Faumuina Felolini Maria Tafuna'i

“E le mafai ona tatou suia le ala matagi, ae mafai ona tatou suia le la o lo tatou va’a”  -  We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can change the sail of our ship”.

Wayfinding draws from celestial navigation and ocean voyaging to present a strategic system for modern challenges.This knowledge helped Pacific peoples settle an ocean so vast it could host all the continents in the world. Right now, we cannot afford to ignore the social, economic and political currents under our feet.  We need to hone our navigational and senses, to feel the push and pull, so we can know when to tack, to reef or close your sail so you can get your bearings, or head into a harbour for safety.


Closing Plenary - Al Clayton

Closing Plenary

MFC Auditorium, Thursday 1 September, 2:50 - 3:50pm
Speaker: Al Clayton

Great Fundraising: it’s hard but sometimes you win - Al Clayton, LIVE FROM LOCHNESS

This plenary is for anyone who would like to put ‘I was a Great Fundraiser’ on their gravestone and have their eulogist explain why.  PFI’s research over the last decade has shown the key behaviours that fundraisers can implement to trigger large scale and consistent growth.  These behaviours are consistent across causes, sizes of organisation and geographies.  Alan will explain what these behaviours are, how you can implement them and most importantly … how you can change the world by sticking to them for long enough.  It will feature evidence, anecdotes and a few choice take away self-memes.  It will be simple.  But not easy. 

The Future of FINZ - Michelle Berriman




Revolutionise Online Engagement with a Smartphone

Revolutionise Online Engagement with a Smartphone

Wednesday 7th October, 10:30am - 11:30am
Speaker: Nikki Bell

It's estimated that in 2020 around 80% of shareable online content will be video. Is your organisation ready?  

Thanks to today’s smartphone technology it isn’t just the digital pros who can capture quality content, and it’s definitely not expensive to keep up with these rapidly (and daunting!) changing consumer habits. 

This workshop will explore the top video touch-points, where to use within your fundraising for the biggest impact, and how to film & edit your self-shot movies so supporters will stop scrolling to watch them – you’ll even record your own and we’ll live edit on the day!  

Why Fundraising is the F word to Your Board & How to Fix It

Why Fundraising is the "F" word to Your Board & How to Fix It

Wednesday 7th October, 11:35am - 12:35pm
Speaker: Rachel Muir

Do you have board members who are “allergic” to fundraising?  Few things are more critical to your nonprofit’s health, success and sustainability than an effective board of directors.  Ready for a board makeover?  Our special guest Rachel Muir, CFRE has your back!  If you are ready to transform your D list to an A list come discover:   

  • Why fundraising is the f word to board members and how to fix it  
  • How to turn board members into fundraising superheroes without making an ask 
  • The recipe for “graceful exits” for unproductive board members  
  • Tools and templates to manage your board (including a sample board contract)  
  • How to use a board assessment to spark board growth and development  
  • How to onboard and set the right expectations for incoming board members   
True Cost of Fundraising

True Cost of Fundraising

Wednesday 7th October, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Speaker: Sean Triner

Our understanding of return on investment and cost of fundraising is responsible for holding most charities back from growth in New Zealand. Together, lets tackle the issue, understand the argument and be better at communicating with board, management and our lovely donors Imagine a ‘how we spend your money’ pie chart that celebrates your admin and fundraising costs!

Great Event Journeys & Gamification within Events to Inspire and Increase Fundraising

Great Event Journeys and Gamification within Events to Inspire and Increase Fundraising

Wednesday 7th October, 2:30pm - 3:35pm
Speaker: Marcus Blease

Join for the event. Stay for the cause.

How do you turn event newbies into effective fundraisers and long-term supporters of your cause? It’s about creating incredible, relevant and engaging participant journeys that integrate gamification at their heart.

Marcus Blease will explore the strategies, tactics and outcomes to help you identify who your participants are, what they are motivated by, gamification techniques that have been proven time and time again in the Australian marketplace.

You’ll walk away with a practical ideas to help you:

  • reactivate past participants
  • onboard well and gain immediate engagement
  • utilise fundraising pressure points
  • gamify and incentivise your journey for better results
  • inspire people to support the cause rather than just the activity
  • focus on the most engaged, high-value participant experience
  • get the cause, fundraising and event information balance right
  • thank properly and recognise donors post-event
  • migrate event participants and donors to ongoing support
  • understand the different event types to create journeys that get the most from your participant base.

If you’re keen to increase the engagement and fundraising for your event participants – then this session will revolutionise your thinking.

Great Fundraising Teams – How to build and lead awesome team to success

Great Fundraising Teams – How to Build and Lead Awesome Team to Success 

Thursday 8th October, 9:35am -10:35am
Speaker: Stephen George

Using a principle led approach and practical experience this workshop shows you how to build and lead a great fundraising team for great non-profit leadership. From the challenge of finding, hiring and keeping the right people, to building a team that focuses on the donor and each other, to empowerment, measuring impact, performance management and solving problems, and building a great culture, this workshop gives a practical framework and toolkit to enable participants to lead their teams to fundraising excellence.

Why You Need a Digital Gifts in Wills Strategy ASAP and How to Do it in 5 Easy Steps

Why You Need a Digital Gifts in Wills Strategy ASAP and How to Do it in 5 Easy Steps

Thursday 8th October, 11:05am - 12pm
Speaker: Kerren Morris

Gifts in Wills are one of the strongest growth areas in fundraising today. With Baby Boomers and Builders increasingly turning to digital to engage with family and the world, charities need to be on the digital front foot. I'll provide the startling evidence to prove the case. Then I"ll show you how, with a 5-step 'global best practice' formula for using digital channels to successfully engage supporters around your Gifts in Wills program. Finally I'll show you how to sell it to your organisation.

Capital Campaigns: From Planning to Execution to Follow Up

Capital Campaigns: From Planning to Execution to Follow Up

Thursday 8th October, 12:05pm - 1pm
Speaker: Nick Jaffer

As the philanthropic sector continues to mature in New Zealand and greater Australasia, and buoyed by the great success of the University of Auckland, we're increasingly seeing more organisations looking to leverage the power of a major or capital campaign.

Planning and executing a successful campaign is not business as usual, however.  So, how do you know you're really ready?  And what can you to do ensure you achieve not only financial goal, but broader organisational goals?

In this presentation, Nick will take us through: managing expectations around a campaign, both with staff and the community; how a campaign and regular fundraising program differ and integrate; the phases of a campaign, their purposes and the key steps to be taken; the key pillars that will drive the success of your campaign; and what planning and follow up should be done after the campaign.

If you've never done a campaign, or even if you're in a campaign, this presentation will provide you with key strategic and operational takeaways to help you reach the moon!

The Psychology of a Three-Headed Fundraising Monster

The Psychology of a Three-Headed Fundraising Monster: Why Donors Give, Why Fundraisers Ask and Why Organisations can Make It or Break It

Thursday 8th October, 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Speaker: Chantel Plum

What a complex, fascinating, inspiring, confusing, emotional, unpredictable world of fundraising we live in!  If only we could understand it better and use that knowledge to further our quests to save the world¦

This session approaches˜fundraising as a trichotomous environment of donors, fundraisers and organisations, whose combined efforts and interactions produce the end result. In a sector full of passionate, resourceful, energetic and dedicated people, and often emotionally charged environments, fundraising can at times feel like youre battling a three-headed monster¦albeit, its a monster that wants to save the world.

We will look at the psychology of those three different, but equally important components“ their motivations, values, beliefs, relationships, emotions and behaviours“ to understand this complex environment we operate in and enable us to better connect with our fundraising world.

Why do donors give? Are some people innately more likely to become donors? What drives someone to become a fundraiser? How can I motivate my team?

Is culture really impacting my fundraising results? Why doesnt my leadership team support our fundraising? Most importantly, how can we utilise this knowledge to become more efficient and effective in our work?

Virtual Stream 2

Build a transformational legacy campaign through behaviour change

Build a Transformational Legacy Campaign through Behaviour Change 

Wednesday 7th October, 10:30am - 11:30am
Speaker: Stephen George

This workshop will help you transform your approach to legacy campaigns. Using a model used globally with NGO’s, Charities, Education and Institutions, this session shows participants at all levels and all budgets, how to build a measurable and investable legacy campaign with a balanced mix of channels, including face to face, events, phone, digital and how to transform and rebrand legacies. The session will breathe new life on to legacies and gifts in wills, away from ‘pledges’ to conversations, away from ‘societies’ to high value stewardships, away from tax and death to legacy and life. 

Developing Your Compelling Case for Support

Developing Your Compelling Case for Support

Wednesday 7th October, 11:35am - 12:35pm
Speaker: Chanel Hughes

You know why you need the donor dollars--and how much--but do you know what will most motivate and persuade your potential supporters to make a significant contribution? Sometimes when creating our Case for Support for major donors, we suffer from the curse of too much knowledge--or worse, not recognising our most moving and compelling stories. It can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae without seeing or communicating the grander vision.   

Building a Bequest Program from Scratch

Building a Bequest Program from Scratch

Wednesday 7th October, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Speaker: Chris Downes

If you are thinking about setting up a bequest program from scratch, or you have a bequest program that has stalled or you want to grow, this presentation will help you understand all the important elements, activities and timing to get your bequest program launched.

From basic starting fundamentals, through to prospecting, developing a pipeline to the use of bequest societies and effective 'asking' conversion strategies. The information provided will give tools and tactics to help build a best practice bequest program.

The Underdog of Digital Fundraising

The Underdog of Digital Fundraising

Wednesday 7th October, 2:35pm - 3:35pm
Speaker: Mamta Bhatt

Its so obvious is often overlooked, and therefore underused. But there is one game-changer of digital advertising, that, if done right, will give you THE best bang for your buck. If you are not doing re-marketing, or even if you are, here is the ins and outs of how to build brand awareness, drive action from your supporters, and get a better ROI in your digital spend with a clever re-marketing campaign.

Rapid Testing for DIY Project

Rapid Testing for DIY Project

Thursday 8th October, 9:35am - 10:35am
Speaker: Nikki Bell

We know we need to do things differently and if COVID-19 has taught us anything is that we need to be more confident with acting fast.

In early 2020 I was running a rapid test project for a UK national charity which started four weeks before lockdown and ended four weeks into it. The test's objective was to discover new campaigns and audiences for the DIY activity - so you can imagine coronavirus threw a spanner in the works in a pretty epic fashion when runs, social gatherings, and traditional fundraising methods were cancelled.

In this session, I'll be sharing what I learned about running a rapid test project that can help you quickly discover potential opportunities at your organisation and help you to grab them fast. From choosing the right staff, communication skills, and managing upwards; this session is perfect for fundraisers who have a gut feeling about a potential opportunity for their charity that they have no time or money to put into long-term testing projects.

Win Your Donor's Hearts, Minds & Wallets

Win Your Donors' Hearts, Minds & Wallets

Thursday 8th October, 11:05am - 12pm
Speaker: Rachel Muir

You know who they are.  The fundraiser who makes it look easy.  Getting the big gifts.  Loving their job.  Always smiling.  At the cocktail party they’re surrounded by all the donors you want to get to know.  What’s their secret?  Our special guest Rachel Muir, CFRE is going to spill the beans!  Come learn the secrets of high performing fundraisers.  This session is loaded with irresistible tools to help you stand out, successfully get your foot in the door and know if your message is getting through.  Plus Rachel is sharing her charm school tips on what to say in the visit to spark a meaningful conversation with your donor and eye candy examples from her donor stewardship hall of fame.    

Could Old Media Make a Comeback

Could Old Media Make a Comeback

Thursday 8th October, 12:05pm - 1:00pm
Speaker: Sean Triner

Many charities will tell you it never went away, but old media made a bit of comeback in 2020. The pandemic put a temporary hold to fundraising events & face to face. Most charities responded with investment in digital campaigns, but some added to their digital and went back in time, running newspaper and radio advertising.

Donor Engagement Starts from Within

Donor Engagement Starts From Within

Thursday 8th October, 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Speaker: Ashley Rose

For some donor engagement means a slick donor journey. A carefully crafted and on band welcome pack, triggered emails, direct mail or SMS. As great as these are¦ theyre only going to work when the donor follows the journey¦.

As we donor, not all donors do that“ donors dont always receive what their sent, payments default, they cancel, they might complain or ask more of you than youre prepared for.  True donor engagement covers all the bases, the donors following the plan as well as the donors who deviate. 

Well highlight the touch points in a relationship that arent pre-set, well demonstrate how to spot them, handle them and overcome them. How your donor services or in-house teams can develop. Well paint a picture of what excellent donor engagement looks like and what it can bring to your organisation.


To-Ask-or-Not-to-Ask? The Contentious Second Gift Strategy

To-Ask-or-Not-to-Ask? The Contentious Second Gift Strategy

Wednesday 7th October, 10:30am - 11:30am
Speaker: Terri Sheahan

Every donor communication is an opportunity to strengthen the donor relationship.  But not every communication should include an ask.  Or should it?

Many organisations include an ask, soft or otherwise, in a thank you letter: to a new donor, in particular. 

Its a contentious issue.

The "To-ask-or-not-to-ask" debate has experts divided.   On the one hand, theres evidence that an organisation can raise good additional income by including an ask in a thank you letter to a first-time donor.  Proponents of this strategy also point to the importance of soliciting a second gift soon after the first gift to cultivate donor loyalty. 

But is the thank you letter the place to do it?  If we are serious about donor-centric fundraising, shouldnt a thank you be just that: a genuine expression of appreciation, rather than another avenue for solicitation? 

And where do New Zealand charities stand on this practice?

In this session, we reveal the findings of a recent test we conducted in the New Zealand charity sector.  We˜mystery shopped 20 charities of different sizes by making a first-time donation to their annual appeal. 

The findings are likely to spark lively debate in this interactive session which concludes with a Q&A featuring a panel from Precision@Soar.

How to raise more funds

How to Raise More Funds with Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Wednesday 7th October, 11:35am - 12:35pm
Speaker: Tim Paris

This session explores the enormous potential of predictive analytics and machine learning to revolutionise fundraising list selections and improve returns in single giving and regular giving campaigns. With case studies from early adopters, Tim will outline current propensity modelling techniques and trends, explore how machine learning can outperform traditional methods, and step through how to get started with this game-changing technology directly in your CRM. A must see session for any fundraiser with an interest in using data to improve their campaigns.

Trends coming in the event fundraising landscape in the coming 10 years

Trends coming in the event fundraising landscape in the coming 10 years 

Wednesday 7th October, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Speaker: Marcus Blease

From the humble cake stall to the glittering gala, events have been a hugely important part of the fundraising mix since charities came into being. Marcus Blease will turn his microscopic gaze on the event landscape – where events have come from globally, where they are now, and offer his thoughts and ideas on how they will change in the future.

Yes there are Silver Bullets

Yes there are Silver Bullets - But are You Prepared to Fire Them?

Wednesday 7th October, 2:35pm - 3:35pm
Speaker: Leo Orland

How often do you hear, there are no silver bullets? While it is vital that we do the basics very well we also need to innovate. If we repeat the same things over and over again we cannot expect a significantly different result.  In this presentation Leo Orland shares some examples of silver bullets that have doubled and even tripled expectations. What they have in common is that they involve risk taking. Leo will show you what you need to have in place to innovate and discover your silver bullets.

Innovating better - next week!

Innovating Better - Next Week! How to get moving with an approach that can yield greater results quickly

Thursday 8th October, 9:35am - 10:35am
Speaker: Gavin Coopey

Innovation is a daunting word, but getting things done differently is what it is really about - this session is about how to do that - tomorrow! In this highly interactive session, Gavin will share the essential tips and techniques that can get you started.

Restructuring a Fundraising Team

Restructuring A Fundraising Team

Thursday 8th October, 11:05am - 12pm
Speaker: Greg Millar

Most senior fundraising managers will at some stage in their careers have to restructure a fundraising team they are responsible for. Fundraisers have very high organisational demands to deliver on income and will almost always have to work within limited expenditure budgets. Some managers will be experiencing the harsh reality of this with the Covid-19 impact on many parts of the charitable sector.

With more than 30 years senior fundraising experience, Greg Millar has had to restructure a number of fundraising teams. It is one of the toughest assignments any of us will ever have to do, because peoples’ lives and livelihoods are involved.

This session won’t provide a paint by numbers guide but will offer some valuable insights, experience and messaging. This will include developing a very sound “why”, highlighting the importance of your strategy, goals and team balance of skills and expertise to achieve those goals.

Greg will discuss some of the key issues senior managers need to consider, and steps to work through, the importance of a strong and robust consultation process that hears and responds to feedback, consistent messaging, and outlining the steps and timing clearly. Seeking out good advice and support, as this is one of the toughest and loneliest journeys senior managers will take.

Greg Millar has been a fundraising manager for more than 30 years, 10 of them in global positions with UNICEF based in Geneva, and UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) in Washington DC and Rome. He is currently IHC’s National Fundraising Manager.

Running with the All Blacks

Running with the All Blacks - Is It Worth It?

Thursday 8th October, 12:05pm - 1pm
Speaker: Sarah Paterson-Hamlin

In 2019, UpsideDowns was the beneficiary of the extraordinary generosity of the Barrett family: Beauden, Jordie, and Scott Barrett who all currently play for the All Blacks, their sister Zara who has Down syndrome, and their parents, Robyn and Kevin. The campaign involved hiding rugby balls in tussock, juggling Paddy Gower with breastfeeding, and covering a rental car with flies - but was it all worth it? Learn about how our very small charity worked with some very big sports stars, whether we'd recommend the experience to others, and what we would do differently next time. The session will cover experiences and results in terms of donations, donor acquisition, public profile, social media expansion, corporate partnerships, and relationships with patrons. See behind the scenes of this crazy journey, and take away some helpful dos and don'ts for your next campaign.

Our Lessons from the Christchurch Shooting Victims Appeal

Our Lessons from the Christchurch Shooting Victims' Appeal

Thursday 8th October, 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Speakers: Cam Cotter and Jenni Anderson

On 15 March 2019, the attack on two mosques in Christchurch changed New Zealand forever. The outpouring of donations in the weeks following was critical for New Zealander and the world to come together and send a message of hope and love in the face of hate. Victim Support’s Christchurch Shooting Victims’ Appeal sat at the centre of this response.

Victim Support launched an appeal within hours of the attacks, and ran a highly integrated multi-channel fundraising campaign utilising crowdfunding, digital, earned media, events, and corporate partnerships to raise almost $14 million over the following weeks and months.

Victim Support’s Cam Cotter and Jenni Anderson will reflect on their successes and learnings from this fast-paced and high-profile fundraising campaign.


Your Investment Strategy

Your Investment Strategy - To Diversify or to Consolidate

Wednesday 7th October, 10:30am - 11:30am
Speaker: Rebecca Scelly

It's a dilemma many organisations find themselves in, what strategy should we use for our fundraising programme over the next 5 years?

Should we expand our fundraising channels and therefore diversify our income? This would reduce the risk of one channel failing, but would it stretch our resources too thin? Or, should we consolidate our income channels to just one or two, but do those one or two really well?

This session looks at organisations who do both of these strategies, and analyses what has worked and what has not. Every organisation is different and after the main presentation, there will be plenty of time to talk through your organisations current thinking around investment strategies, and whether you are on track to stabilise, or grow your gross and net income.

For those of you who like data, and budgets, or need to make some investment decisions, this is the best session for you.

Developing a High Performance Team

Developing a High Performance Team - and Keeping Them

Wednesday 7th October, 11:35am - 12:35pm
Speaker: Dominique Leeming

Recruiting, developing and retaining a high performance team is challenging enough, but ensuring that everyone is playing to their strengths and working in harmony can test any leader.

Most teams are diverse and when you have everything from extreme introverts to extreme extroverts you need to find ways to provide an environment where all are valued for the strengths they bring to your organisation. Providing rewards and learning opportunities is also difficult on a tight professional development budget, this session will look at the ways you can utilise your organisations relationships and contacts to create rewarding experiences for your team that help build loyalty. Dominique will use examples and share the strategies that have helped her build an award winning team who keep beating budgets while maintaining focus on delivering an excellent supporter experience.

Maximising Grants Income for Your Cause

Maximising Grants Income for your Cause 

Wednesday 7th October, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Speaker: Clare Bridle

With more than 40% of total philanthropic giving in New Zealand coming from grants, this revenue stream continues to form a vital part of the fundraising plan. This session will explore how to maximise grants income for your organisation through careful planning, preparation, and execution. You will also get the chance to preview GrantsWIZ™ – the fundraiser’s new best friend, which is being launched here at conference!

How to Convert Event Participants

How to Convert Event Participants into Sustainable Long Term Donors

Wednesday 7th October, 2:35pm - 3:35pm
Speaker: Gwen Green

Gwen Green doesnt believe that event participants should be classed as actual donors until they have given to your organisation outside of the events˜bubble.

Join Gwen as she shares over 20 years of fundraising experience to explain how to create life-changing events that attract major donors, build strong opportunities for deeper engagement, and provide clear pipelines for significant, sustained giving.

Creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences are the type of event Gwen knows best. Gwen has arranged for donors to enjoy cocktails and canapés in some of the worlds most hard to access venues, skied donors across Colorado, trekked with them over the Great Wall of China, and ridden motorbikes across India; all to generate millions of dollars from major donors and corporate partners.

In this session Gwen will share her insights as to how being up close and personal with your key donors helps you understand what drives their philanthropy and how you can link their personal motivations and interests to your mission for greater financial return. 

Social Impact Investment

Social Impact Investment - the Next Stratosphere of Delivering Impact at Scale

Thursday 8th October, 9:35am - 10:35am
Speakers: Clive Pedley & Iyanthi Wijayanayake

Impact investment provides intentional blended returns, resulting in both financial returns and positive impact on people and planet.  It is complementary to effective philanthropy.  In a short amount of time, impact investment in New Zealand has reached $900m, as reported in the recent New Zealand Impact Investment Survey published by RIAA.  It is expected to reach $5.9bn in the next 5 years based on current impact investor demand.  The market capacity is significantly greater, subject to appropriate investment opportunities being made available.  The social purpose sector has a critical role to play in designing, delivering and communicating positive impact investment for people and planet.  By demonstrating how impact investment can be applied to a proven theory of change and result in a blended return, charities have an immense opportunity to deliver projects and programs at scale.  Come and learn what the impact investment community is doing now, what they are looking for in the future and how to prepare your organisation for impact investment.

The Road Less Taken

The Road Less Taken - A Different Approach to Make a Big Impact

Thursday 8th October, 11:05am-12pm
Speaker: Mildie Meyer-Els

In this session Mildie will illustrate, using real life case studies, how taking a difference, less-obvious approach to working with a partner can have a bigger impact on the end result and on the funds raised. Mildie will use examples from a variety of budgets and size campaign so that everybody can take something from this. She presents from the heart and from experience and will share tried and tested methods to create stronger, more successful partnerships by doing things a little bit different.

You Make a Difference

You make a difference, we work to make it easier.

Thursday 8th October, 12:05pm - 1pm
Speakers: Liz GibbsMel Steel, & Kirsten Taylor

The philanthropy leaders from Perpetual Guardian and Givealittle talk about the philanthropic landscape and where  they fit – highlighting the best of Perpetual Guardian for grant seekers, fundraisers, and partnership managers.

We will provide insights on:

  • Perpetual Guardian managed charitable entities – Strategy matching and accessing grants.
  • Perpetual Guardian Foundation – Bequest fundraising and endowments.
  • Givealittle - Understanding the basics, increase your reach and donor database, new products and features, and digital innovations.
  • Sponsorships – The funding landscape.

The Head of Philanthropy from Perpetual Guardian will close the session by putting a spotlight on growing generosity in challenging times.

The Ultimate Engagement Toolkit

The Ultimate Engagement Toolkit - The Emergence of AI Driven Engagement

Thursday 8th October, 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Speaker: Tony Lindsay

With the coming of age of GEN-X and Millennial Donors and Charity Supporters, the need to respond to the ambitions of individual donors, has never been greater.

Combining Behavioural Economics and AI Engagement gives charities a chance to always understand how donors are feeling and what they are trying to achieve through their support.  This paper explores this frontier of modern donor engagement technologies.