Meet the Team

Michelle smiles in the office, she has bright pink hair in a mohawk

Michelle Berriman
Chief Executive  

and a human catalyst of transformational change

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be authentically you

Michelle has been causing disruption and transformational change in the NPF sector for over 25 years, Michelle is motivated by creating change and making a difference to those facing adversity and wants everyone to be given the chance to be the very best version of themselves.

Michelle is the currently the Executive Director of FINZ. Michelle has work in a variety of roles within the charity sector, prior to a move into fundraising and development she was a youth/community development worker supporting children looked after by the state, running community-based youth projects, and working in juvenile lock-down.

Michelle’s natural ability to forge long lasting and meaningful relationships has delivered positive results for the many organisations she has worked for. Michelle has a passion for events, conceptualising ideas, and bringing a new flavour to existing programmes within organisations.

Work Hours: 8am - 4:30pm, Monday-Friday

Esha is smiling in the office, she is in a green dress and her pounamu necklace is prominent on her neck

Esha Blade
Relationship Manager

Esha is coming fresh into this sector from an education in Development Studies and Anthropology, she brings a heartfelt affinity for our tamariki and the environment in which they need us to be Kaitiaki of. With this as a strong base, Esha hopes to add her passion for tangible, meaningful change into what she can already see is the diverse, vibrant, energetic and inspiring space you all occupy. Building connections and working relationships that enable us to support the awesome mahi you all do daily - and collaborations with others around you doing the same - will be Esha's focus going forward. 

Work Hours: 9am - 5pm, Monday-Thursday

Minnie Finlayson
Digital Education & Marketing Manager

Minnie is responsible for everything digital at FINZ; social media, the website, design, eDM, and in-house tech support. Outside of FINZ, she is a reader, a screenwriter, and a cup-of-tea maker.

Work Hours: 7:30am - 3pm, Monday-Thursday


I am singularly impressed by FINZ leadership

I’m consistently impressed with how much FINZ accomplishes for the sector. Including the excellent conference which was one of the major inspirations for our WCFC conference. 

David Kravinchuk

Philanthropy Firebrand at Common Good Fundraising, Canada

23 March 2020

The vibe was electric!

"Thank you for a wonderful couple of days of all things Fundraising you and your committee brought a fantastic conference to life.

The vibe was electric and everyone was commenting on how good the conference had gone.  

Blackbaud is proud to sponsor such a great organisation."

Kristine Ash


12 June 2019

Thanks for your support!

Thank you to the FINZ team for all the support we got this year. Really appreciate everything you guys did to help us out for the conference and on the digital marketing side of it. 

Marie De Silva

Digital Marketing Consultant at Giving Arcitects, Auckland

6 November 2019

First time I've seen new concepts in a fundraising magazine - very exciting!

I have over 10 years fundraising experience here and in the UK, and this is the first time I have seen a few new concepts in a fundraising magazine that I genuinely wasn’t aware of – and that is actually very exciting!