FINZ Membership

The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) is the professional membership body that represents fundraising in New Zealand.

For the benefit of all New Zealanders, FINZ is committed to fundraising excellence. We want to ensure that worthy causes are well supported and that the generosity of New Zealanders is recognised and encouraged.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring ethical fundraising
    FINZ members abide by ethical fundraising practices. We have comprehensive standards of practice to enhance the intergity and professionalism of your fundraising activities. Members of FINZ can proudly communicate to their donors that they are a part of New Zealand's premier professional and ethical fundraising body.
  • Professional Development
    Ongoing education will help you become a master of your craft, polish your fundraising skills and increase your charities income. FINZ offers members access to a wide range of knowledge enhancing workshops, seminars, conferences and online courses - often at significantly discounted rates. FINZ also has a wealth of research material and industry information that members can access.
  • Networking Opportunities
    Deepen existing relationships and forge new ones with other fundraising professionals from around the country and overseas. Share best practice ideas and learn from each other's experiences. FINZ is an excellent vehicle through which fundraisers can build great working relationships.
  • Mentoring
    Take advantage of up to 8 formal coaching or mentoring sessions arranged through FINZ. Learn from experienced fundraisers, let them share their insights, solutions, and support and guide you through any challenges you might be facing.
  • Discounted Services
    Membership of FINZ offers a wide variety of discounts from training partners, printing specialists, fundraising tools and much more.
  • Be your voice
    As one of the lead voices for effective fundraising and philanthropy in New Zealand, FINZ will advocate on behalf of our members to ensure the value of fundraising continues to be recognised and that public policy provides an excellent environment in which to work.

As a FINZ Individual or Organisational Member you will receive:

As a FINZ Corporate Partner you will receive:

  • All the benefits of an individual or organisational member plus:
  • Free listing in our Services Directory and in our website and appeal calendar
  • Additional discounted rates to list your job vacancy with FINZ
  • Opportunity to promote your products and services to FINZ membership

Membership Types

FINZ organisational membership matches a Tier structure based on all gross revenue not just fundraising revenue.

Membership Type Prices shown are in NZD and are GST exclusive
Individual  $226.09
Organisation Tier 4 - Income under $125k $300
Organisation Tier 3 - Income under $2 million $600
Organisation Tier 2 - Income under $30 million $900
Organisation Tier 1 - Income over $30 million $1,200
Federated - for umbrella organisations please apply
Corporate Band D - Total revenue under $1.5 million $300                                                                                                      
Corporate Band C - Total revenue between $1.5 to $3 million $600
Corporate Band B - Total revenue between $3 to $6 million $900
Corporate Band A - Total revenue between $6 to $12 million $1,200

Apply Now

Application for membership is approved by the FINZ Board. To apply, please email Applications take up to 10 working days to process.