FINZ Response, Latest Updates:

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  • 13/05/20: SOFII Article, 'Fundraising Success at a Time of Catastrophe' Part One featuring Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand - READ
  • 13/05/20: SOFII Article, 'Fundraising Success at a Time of Catastrophe' Part Two featuring RNZSPCA - READ
  • 11/05/20: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces move to Level 2 on Thursday 14th May - INFO
  • 08/05/20: Ask the Experts Week 5 Special, panel of Experts answer your questions via video - WATCH
  • 05/05/20: Donor Guru, Lynne Wester, presents 'COVID MIRCO WEBINAR SERIES'INFO

At a Glance:

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  • 13/05/20: SOFII Article, 'Fundraising Success at a Time of Catastrophe' Part One featuring Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand - READ
  • 13/05/20: SOFII Article, 'Fundraising Success at a Time of Catastrophe' Part Two featuring RNZSPCA - READ
  • 11/05/20: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces move to Level 2 on Thursday 14th May - INFO
  • 08/05/20: Ask the Experts Week 5 Special, panel of Experts answer your questions via video - WATCH
  • 05/05/20: Donor Guru, Lynne Wester, presents 'COVID MIRCO WEBINAR SERIES' - INFO
  • 04/05/20: No new cases of COVID-19 reported in New Zealand today - INFO
  • 04/05/20: Donate, volunteer, learn about, request from Shields Up NZ, "A not for profit group delivering face shields to our front line medical workers and emergency responders" - INFO
  • 04/05/20: 'Five Actions for Leading Effectively Through the COVID Crisis' article from ICF Australasia - READ
  • 01/05/20: FINZ 2020 AGM postponed til end of August - INFO
  • 01/05/20: 'Ask the Experts: How to during COVID-19', Week 4 Answers out now - INFO
  • 01/05/20: Mediaworks launched MediaFund, a $20m advertising fund to support SMEs, innovative start-ups and community organisations - INFO
  • 01/05/20: Philanthropy NZ COVID-19 Weekly Update - INFO
  • 30/04/20: Philanthropy News, Issue 79 - INFO
  • 27/04/20: COVID-19 Health Advice for Organisations - INFO
  • 27/04/20: Helping Kiwis cope & thrive through Covid-19. Mentemia is an app that coaches mental wellbeing. Free to all New Zealanders - GET APP
  • 27/04/20: ThroughBlue - support groups online to all women in New Zealand that might be suffering from anxiety and depression in these difficult times - INFO
  • 27/04/20: Whitepaper, The Future of Payments for Charities and NFPs - INFO
  • 27/04/20: "Show your love locally" campaign begins next week from Community Foundations - INFO
  • 27/04/20: YouTube videos focusing on coping through COVID-19 from Dr Sarb Johal - WATCH
  • 23/04/20: Article, 'How Nonprofits Are Pivoting To Virtual Fundraising In The Face of COVID-19' - READ
  • 22/04/20: Sky is offering $1 million worth of TV advertising airtime to charities and community organisations aligned with Covid-19 support efforts in New Zealand - INFO
  • 21/04/20: 'Good News About Monthly Donors' article from NonProfitPRO - READ
  • 20/04/20: Summary, 'Notes: Fundraising Impact of COVID-19' - READ
  • 20/04/20: emPOWER Your Mission, Free NFP Roadmap to Success - INFO
  • 20/04/20: Workplace Operations at COVID-19 Alert Levels, business.govt - INFO
  • 20/04/20: Volunteering New Zealand, COVID-19 Actions - INFO
  • 17/04/20: Philanthropy NZ COVID-19 Weekly Update - INFO
  • 17/04/20: The Funding Network bring you a digital crowdfunding event, "#HelpFromHome' on Tuesday 21 April 5pm - FREE WEBINAR
  • 16/04/20: Article, 'These people are raising millions for charity - on coronavirus lockdown' - READ
  • 16/04/20: NZ COVID-19 Alert Levels in Detail - INFO
  • 16/04/20: FINZ ask for your thoughts and feedback on a significant AGM decision - WATCH
  • 16/04/20: Community Funding available in Response to COVID-19 - INFO
  • 16/04/20: Second round of Ask the Experts available - INFO
  • 15/04/20: Get access to world leading, evidence based tools and techniques to be a more positive, resilient force at work and at home - MENTEMIA APP
  • 15/04/20: JBWere, 'Navigating Through Rough Seas' - READ
  • 14/04/20: The Big Idea, 'When Planning is Hard, Plan We Must' - READ
  • 14/04/20: RSM, 'Opportunity Thinking - Thanks COVID19!' - READ
  • 14/04/20: COVID-19 National Resource Centre - INFO
  • 13/04/20: Interview with Guillame Dehan, Fund a Future about how partnering with Fund a Future and sharing with your donor base, you have the potential to create more positive impact - WATCH
  • 13/04/20: Fund a Future, $250 mill sitting with IRD waiting for your charity to claim from - INFO
  • 13/04/20: The Agitator website, providing the latest data on Donor Trends - INFO
  • 09/04/20: First round of Ask the Experts available - INFO
  • 09/04/20: Charities Services COVID-19 Information Page - INFO
  • 09/04/20: Philanthropy NZ COVID-19 Update - INFO
  • 08/04/20: '#PlanC Panel Discussion: Face-to-Face #fundraising in the #Covid19 crisis', hosted by The Resource Alliance - WATCH
  • 08/04/20: UK Government announces £750 million package of support to ensure they can continue their vital work during the coronavirus outbreak - INFO
  • 08/04/20: The most fun fundraising event one the conference calendar has just gone virtual! SOFII have made the annual IWITOT event available online, Tuesday April 21st - INFO
  • 07/04/20: Fi McPhee and Gavin Coopey present 'The COVID-19 Fundraising Impact Survey Results' - WATCH
  • 07/04/20: Volunteering New Zealand & Do Good Jobs webinar 'Volunteer Engagement through COVID-19' - WATCH
  • 06/04/20: FINZ set up LinkedIn group 'Fundraisers Together Through COVID-19', an initiative to build a community that can support each other through this crisis, share ideas, ask questions and share information - JOIN
  • 06/04/20: Article, 'How to stay Fit and Healthy During Self-Isolation' - READ
  • 06/04/20: CAF America Study, 'The Voice of Charities Facing COVID-19 Worldwide' - INFO
  • 06/04/20: Lily Family School of Philanthropy article about giving back - READ
  • 03/04/20: Read about the Australian Charity Crisis Cabinet response, leading the sector through COVID-19 - INFO
  • 31/03/20: Article, 'Charities cannot meet surge in demand without urgent government funding' - READ
  • 30/03/20: Institute of Fundraising Panel Discussion, 'Why, right now, the supporter experience matters more than ever' - WATCH
  • 30/03/20: Building a StoryBrand with Donald Miller Podcast, 'Three Keys to Managing Stress Through COVID-19' - LISTEN
  • 27/03/20: SOFII Article, 'Fundraising in a Time of Crisis: Navigating Tough Times' - READ
  • 27/03/20: eDM sent out with regards to defining essential communication, and Direct Mail in Level 4 - INFO
  • 26/03/20: Commercial Leases and COVID-19 - INFO
  • 25/03/20: Strategic Grants share webpage keeping the sector up to date on grant round closures, changes, positive funder news and more - INFO
  • 23/03/20: Government Wage and Leave Scheme confirmed as applying to; Registered Charities, NGO's, Incorporated Societies, and Post-Settlement Governance Entitites - INFO
  • 23/03/20: Survey to assess scale and potential impact on fundraising from More Strategic & Donor Republic released. Results will provide insight for a webinar hosted by FIA - COMPLETE
  • 22/03/20: United Way, 'Community Needs' Survey Results - READ
  • 19/03/20: Letter to Jacinda Ardern & Grant Robertson, urging them to remember charities in budget considerations - INFO
  • 19/03/20: COVID-19 and YOUR Cause Online Session - WATCH
  • 17/03/20: April Learning Lunch now a Virtual Event - INFO
  • 16/03/20: March Regional Learning Lunches cancelled - INFO

Access Events / Webinars:

  • Ask the Experts Week 5, host: Michelle Berriman & Sean Triner - WATCH
  • COVID Micro Webinar Series, host: Donor Guru, Lynne Wester - INFO
  • #HelpFromHome, host: The Funding Network in partnership with Vodafone Foundation, Perpetual Guardian and Foundation North - HAPPENING 21/04/20, 5PM
  • #PlanC Panel Discussion: Face-to-Face #fundraising in the #Covid19 crisis, host: The Resource Alliance - WATCH
  • The COVID-19 Fundraising Impact Survey Results, host: Fi McPhee & Gavin Coopey - WATCH
  • Volunteer Engagement Through COVID-19, host: Do Good Jobs & Volunteering NZ - WATCH
  • COVID-19 and YOUR Cause, host: Sean Triner & FINZ - WATCH

WATCH: Ask the Experts - Week 5 Questions

Questions from fundraisers to fundraising leaders from around the world. This week, our experts answer, "What is the greatest fundraising lesson you have learnt during COVID19?" and "What are you most excited about in fundraising, beyond COVID19? What shifts do you see taking place and how that will shape the future of fundraising?"

WATCH: COVID19 and YOUR Cause - Weathering the Storm

Are you about to walk right in to one of the worst fundraising revenue crashes of your career? A lot of organisations are! As COVID-19 spreads, too many organisations are about to make incredibly self-destructive choices.
Make sure you are not one of them! The good news is, you don't have to be...