The Fundraising Institute of New Zealand provides dedicated educational events for fundraisers and community and charity sector leaders and managers.

The objectives of the Education Trust are: 

1. To promote education support amongst those who are fundraising within the charitable sector through the provision of:

  • resources to educational institutions
  • resources to libraries and in particular the FINZ library
  • scholarships and prizes for educational advancement in charitable fundraising
  • financial support to those attending FINZ Conferences and FINZ educational events on criteria based on merit and / or need
  • sponsorship of training courses to people involved in charitable fundraising within the community both in New Zealand and overseas
  • fundraising skills training and or support to charitable fundraising training institutions

2. To provide other assistance to charitable fundraisers within our community or other communities in times of disaster.

3. To act as the repository for FINZ historical materials and records that in the opinion of the trustees require preservation. 

You can support New Zealand charities by donating to the Education Trust*.

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*Charity Number #CC49968